Derrick Hawkins


Also known as Devils Reject.


Devil's Take - The Michael Vick Hype Machine

Welcome to the Devil's Take! Normally, I would discuss Colts football in this segment, but I saw a topic that really struck me as hilarious and felt the need to cover it. Today, I'm going to...


Devil's Take - Points to Address

As always, welcome to another fine edition of The Devil's Take. For the better part of the last week, I've been reading several Fanposts and articles about various Colts topics, and I'm just kind...


Devil's Take - Roster Lineups/Moves

Today's discussion is about what the Colts need to do between now and the start of the season regarding their roster and various player movement. While it's always difficult to try and nail this...


Devil's Take - Random Rants & Various Topics

Welcome to the very first edition of the Devil's Take for the Indianapolis Colts 2012 Season. Yes, I took a nice long escape from the b.s. of the NFL Labor nonsense and all the rich whining about...


Devil's Take - Colts Week 18 Playoff Edition

Welcome to the last Devil's Take edition of the Colts 2010 season. The Colts lose 17-16 to the Jets on a last second FG. To put it bluntly, this won't be pretty... via One week after a...


The Devil's Take - Colts Week 17

Welcome to the first edition of The Devil's Take for the 2011 year! In what was a must win for the Colts this week, they managed to squeak one out and win the AFC South and the #3 seed in the AFC...


Devil's Take - Colts Week 16

Editor's Note: Had to remove the pic because of copyright stuff when we promote a FanPost on the frontpage. Otherwise, enjoy Devil's great recap. --bbs Welcome to another rendition of the Devil's...


Devil's Take - Correcting some general perceptions

Welcome to another fine edition of the Devil's Take. For those of you who are new to my posts, I generally do recaps of each week's game as well as the occasional post about things related to the C...


Devil's Take - Colts Week 15

Welcome back to the Devil's Take for Week 15. As some of you are probably aware, this has been missing in action for a few weeks. Well, no more.... And on to the show! via As most of...


Devil's Take - Colts Week 10

Welcome to this week's edition of the Devil's Take. The Colts, wounded and battered, won a hard fought game against a mistake prone Cincinnati Bengals. Make no mistake about it, the Bengals made...

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