Eric Miller



Opening Lines for Week 12


New QB and Defensive coordinator heading into New England leads to what? That's right, Patriots favored by 21 as the line opened today! My only real question is; is it high enough? Wow...

Jack Del Rio out in Jacksonville


We have known for a long time that Jacksonville wouldn't go anywhere with Del Rio at the helm. I heard a report that the "regression of Blaine Gabbert" was one of the reasons he was let go during the season. What does it say about the Colts when our QB has done nothing but regress throughout the season and our entire staff is intact and being praised weekly?

Stampede Blue Picks Contest


Yea, I know I never updated last week and now we have more games. What can I say, I suck. Here's the picks links to get in place for the first games of the week. Against the Spread Good Luck!

Stampede Blue Straight Up Picks Contest


I'll have the post up later with updates from this week. There is a Thursday night game so don't forget to get your picks in for tonight's game at least. Here's the link for the Against the Spread contest as well.

Week 9 Stampede Blue Fantasy/Picks Update


Don't forget that games start on Thursday.  Check your lineups and submit at least the Thursday game on Yahoo! Straight Up this week SirSci's Selections led the way with 12 out of 14 correct. ...

Shame Report from


We can add this to the Poke Caldwell campaign. He comes in at number 2. The best part is that the Shady Brady and Bill Bili-cheat come in at number one. Nothing better than trying to get a rise out of Caldwell and hearing someone bring up Spygate too. I don't know about you, but I needed a moment of levity in this pathetic excuse for a football season. Enjoy the video. The guy making it actually picked the Colts to beat the Falcons. Boy does he feel stupid.

Week 8 Stampede Blue Fantasy/Picks Update


An interesting week in the Straight Up contest this week as only 4 Underdogs won their matchups.  Three readers led the way with 10 out of 13 games correct.  (CrazyBlueSniffer, Big Ben's Bathroom...

Week 7 Stampede Blue Fantasy/Picks Update


In the Straight Up Contest this week, Stampede Blue readers got exactly 50% of the games correct.  82% got the Packers game correct while 0% got the Dumpster Fires Jaguars upset correct (I guess we...

How To Be A Fan


As I sit and watch the minor league football team that is the Colts, there is one question that keeps coming back into my head over and over; As a true fan, what do you do with a season like this?...

Week 6 Stampede Blue Fantasy/Picks Update


In the Straight Up Contest this week, we had all but 2 favorites win.  The two underdogs that won out right were San Francisco and Tampa Bay.  Only 4 people got the Niners game correct while...

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