Game Preview

2009 Colts Training Camp: Thoughts as we enter the first pre-season game

Thoughts as the Colts get ready to start pre-season for 2009.

Game Preview: How the Patriots will attack the Colts

NE vs Indy preview

Preview Week Eight: Colts at Titans

Preview of the Colts Monday night game against the undefeated Titans.

Preview Week Five: Colts at Texans

It has been a long two weeks, but we finally have Colts football returning after an early bye week that seemed to come at the best time possible. For the first time in nearly two friggin years, the...

Preview Week Three: Jaguars at Colts

It is rare one gets a "must win" game in September, but that is the way it is looking for the Jacksonville Jaguars. It is a big game for the Colts as well. All division games are big. But, for the...

Preview Week One: Bears at Colts

Dwight Freeney returns.Photo: Getty Images It seems whenever the Colts play the Bears, there is always something historic about the occasion. Week One: Chicago Bears at Indianapolis Colts...

Preview AFC Playoffs Divisional Round: Chargers at Colts

Some people have forgotten what this man looks like. Get ready, because he is about to re-introduce himself. I'm an obsessive compulsive person. I tend to follow routines not because they are...

Preview Week Seven: Colts at Jaguars

Feels like an eternity since the Colts last played a game. I started getting that lonely, depressed feeling I get sometime around June when I know it's a good two months before anything NFL-related...

Preview Week Five: Buccaneers at Colts

TJ Rushing has looked good so far, but I'd like to see him return one for a TD sometime soon. I can't recall the last time the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played the Indianapolis Colts in the RCA...

Preview Week Four: Broncos at Colts

Gary Brackett needs to remove the "Owned by Travis Henry" tag from his jersey. It's a game TheSportsGuru at Mile High Report and I have had circled on our calendars since March. Again, the NFL...

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