Game Recaps

Good coaching turned the season around


From Weeks 9 to 14 this season, the Colts looked practically unwatchable. Then, Chuck Pagano and his staff made some changes. From Week 15 onward, the Colts have played some impressive football.

Colts rediscover themselves after big win


Indianapolis seems to have rediscovered who they are at the right time after thrashing the Chiefs 23-7 in Arrowhead.

Colts beat Titans despite dull, boring performance


This game was boring up until the fourth quarter, as most Colts games have been this season.

Week Thirteen Game Notes: Colts 22, Titans 14


It wasn't pretty, but Adam Vinatieri and the defense carried the Colts to a huge win over the Titans to all but wrap up the AFC South.

Colts are 7-3, but seem worse than their record


The positive is the Colts have gotten through the true meat of their schedule with a winning record. The negative is the team is incredibly flawed.

Dumb coaching


Jim Caldwell nodded with approval on the job you did Monday night, Chuck Pagano.

Please welcome back the return of The Devil's Take


We welcome back pro football to the house that Manning built with a win over the pesky Raiders

2013 NFL Week One: Inside The Colts Numbers


Did the Colts play the best Offensively in the NFL Sunday? The answer might surprise you.

Andrew Luck Recap: Game One vs. Raiders


Every week, Stampede Blue's Josh Wilson will take an in-depth look at Andrew Luck's game from the previous weekend. Today we look at his performance in the season opener against the Oakland Raiders.

2012 NFL Preseason: Vick Ballard And LaVon Brazill Looked Good, Cassius Vaughn Didn't


Every preseason, I pick four or five Colts players and focus on their development; from training camp on through game four to the final 53-man roster cutdowns.


2012 NFL Preseason: Andrew Luck Is Really, REALLY Good


Colts and Andrew Luck look very good in lose to Steelers in preseason.

Colts struggle mightily in pass pro/run D in 34-24 loss @ Texans


Colts struggle mightily in pass pro/run D in 34-24 loss @ Texans

NFL Preseason 2010: Colts drop first preseason game to 49ers 37-17


Colts drop preseason opener to 49ers 37-17 due in large part to three turnovers by back-up QB Curtis Painter.

Super Bowl XLIV - Inside the Numbers


The Saints won on the Scoreboard, but did they outplay the Colts? Find out with the Winning Stats.

Colts lose Super Bowl 44; Saints 31 - Colts 17

Colts lose Super Bowl 44 to the Saints 31 - 17 in an game for the ages.

Quick Recap, Great gamblers win sometimes


Instant analysis of the Saints 31-17 win over the Colts in SB XLIV

AFC Championship - Inside the Numbers


The Colts Offense dominated the #1 defense in the NFL to win the AFC Title. How else did the Colts dominate? Check it out with the Winning Stats

Recap AFC Championship Game: Colts 30 - Jets 17


Stampede Blue recaps the Colts dominant performance over the Jets in the AFC Championship Game.

Quick Recap: Colts 30, Jets 17


Instant analysis of the Colts AFC Championship victory over the Jets

Divisional Round - Inside the Numbers


How dominant were the Colts against the Ravens? Let's see, as we go Inside the Numbers.

Recap AFC Divisional Round: Colts 20 - Ravens 3


The Colts defeated the Ravens 20-3 with a dominant playoff performance by the Colts defense and a big time hustle play by Haitian American wideout Pierre Garcon.

Quick Recap: Colts 20, Ravens 3


Instant analysis of the Colts divisional round win over the Ravens

Recap Week Meaningless


There's no point in doing a recap for Sunday's meaningless "contest" with the Buffalo Bills. The Colts did not put forth a maximum effort to win the game. They played it because the NFL would have...

Week 16: Inside the Numbers


The Colts "rested" players in the 2nd half, causing the first loss of the year. How well did the starters play against the Jets?

Recap Week Sixteen: Colts Management 1 - Colts Fans 0


Stampede Blue recaps a sad, somber day for Colts fans everywhere, and Colts management could give a crap.

Colts: Forget 15-0, we want a Super Bowl


The Colts ended their own run at perfection, but it's for a greater cause. Their Superbowl run is as strong as ever thanks to the organization protecting it's irreplaceable talents.

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