A little humor helps during a long Indianapolis Colts Season


A little humor helps during a long Indianapolis Colts Season

Poke Jim Caldwell Campaign 10.0: Colts need more than a Nice Guy


Poke Jim Caldwell Campaign 10.0: Colts need more than a Nice Guy

LovinBlue's Football Rant of the Day: Poorly Timed Journalism


Yes, I'm here again with yet another pet peeve.  Today's topic: poorly timed journalism.  My example - the speculation over who will return kicks.  First, some background: On April 23, Bill Polian...

LovinBlue's Football Rant of the Day: Incomplete Journalism


I had so much fun airing one of my pet peeves the other day, I thought I'd give it another go.  Today's topic - incomplete journalism. I alluded to this issue in my previous post.  The basis of my...

LovinBlue's Football Rant of the Day: Players' Names


I was running errands today and, as usual, listening to Sirius NFL Radio.  Like most of their spots, today's show offered an opportunity for people to call in and ask football-related questions. ...

It's mine, IT'S ALL MINE!! HA HA HA!!


I have wrenched control from the evil BigBlueShoe!  This blog is now mine and will soon be strewn with Flying Elvis and Pat Patriot logos.  Yes...YES!!  That's the ticket.  I never liked horseshoes...

I'm Matt Stover


Very funny and well produced Matt Stover fan video.

Sure things in life: Death, taxes, and stupid comments from's Vic Ketchman

28's Vic Ketchman continues his streak of comic brilliance.

His name is Pierre Garçon, not "Garcon"


Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Pierre Garçon is not a "waiter" or a "boy." He's the most exciting young WR in the AFC right now.

Know Your Colts History: Now I'm Not Saying She a Gold Digger...


At some point or another during the off-season, you probably heard about Dwight Freeney's guest appearance on the Dr. Phil.  You probably know that he disguised himself as a limo driver for two...


Jim Finn is "The Man!"


Does anybody here remember Jim Finn? He was drafted as "Mr. Irrelevant."  You know he played fullback for the Colts from 2000-2002. He fumbled a lot, but he played hard. I remember the 2002 game...

Peter King talks about crap (literally) while sprinkling in some nuggets on the 2009 NFL Draft


Considering that King's article discussed two piles of crap in his weekly MMQB article today (one literal and one metaphorical), maybe he should have titled today's article Monday Morning Pile of...

Know Your Colts History: Week 17 Eating Game


In what's become something of a tradition for Colts fans, the final game of the season is absolutely meaningless, which means lots of time for us all to get aquainted with the team's second...

Know Your Colts History: All Aboard The Failboat


"How much do you wanna bet I can still win this game, ref?" Longtime readers of the blog may know that Know Your Colts History started out as a segment where I'd take screencaps from the...

Know Your Colts History: The Legend of Robert Mathis


February 26th has been a day in history synonymous with getting away.  On 2/26/1998, farmers were trying to get away from the wrath of Oprah. On 2/26/1991, Iraqi soldiers were trying to get...

Know Your Colts History: Nine Inch Nails Meets #18


At first, it might not seem like Peyton Manning and Nine Inch Nails' do-it-all man Trent Reznor have a lot in common.  One is a heavy metal rocker, the other is the quintessential All-American...

Know Your Colts History: It's Wayne's World, We're Just Living In It


Maybe I'm alone in thinking this, but I think we've really been ignoring a fine season from Reggie Wayne.  Now you're probably thinking to yourself "Jake, that's really crazy.  And that's saying...

Know Your Colts History: Bob Sanders Fined


(Of course, you should know going in that this is all made up, but just in case you weren't sure, now you know that this isn't real.  Now, let's get back to suspending disbelief.) INDIANAPOLIS...

Know Your Colts History: Halloween Party


Deep inside Colts headquarters, the team took a quick break from their preparations yesterday for Sunday Night's game to have a little Halloween Party.  Here's a transcript from last night's...

Know Your Colts History: Random Thoughts


Obviously, this week's game versus the Titans is huge.  Division implications huge.  Getting over .500 huge.  Having a chance to take down the last remaining undefeated team huge.  The difference...

Know Your Colts History: Don't Watch This


At the end of this post, there's a 7 minute highlight video of some of Marvin Harrison's best catches in his career. Please, don't watch it. Don't watch it if you're only interested in hearing...

Know Your Colts History: Dancing in the Dark


As you've probably noticed, there's a YouTube directly under this paragraph.  If you're bold enough to click that play button, you might be shocked by what you see.  You won't be shocked by vulgar...

Know Your Colts History: The All Name Team


In life there are people who have been blessed with great names, but sports are the only place where you can become more well liked because your name sounds cool.  Admit it, there are players you...

Know Your Colts History: Bye Week Plans


The bye week is here, and it couldn't have come a moment sooner for the Colts.  It's going to let some of our key cogs heal up from early-season injuries and it gives Peyton some time to develop...

Know Your Colts History: The Center of Attention


These last two weeks have made it painfully clear to the rest of the nation what we as Colts fans have known for a long time: Jeff Saturday is a spectacular player.  Now, as he (knocks on wood)...

Know Your Colts History: 10 Ways to Stop Adrian Peterson


Ladies and gentlemen, we knew coming in this week that stopping Adrian Peterson wouldn't be an easy task.  It certainly didn't help that the player I had pegged as a surprise Pro Bowler this...

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