Know Your Colts History: Survivor, The Injured List


SE: Hello there, welcome to Survivor: The Injured List, I'm your host, Steve Emtman.  Over the last few months we've watched as this group has battled through challenges, formed alliances, and...

Know Your Colts History: The All-Encompassing Preview Of Everything


You know, it's kind of funny sometimes.  We devote all sorts of time to talking about the special teams, the linebackers, and everything else.  While they're all important, when all is said and...

Know Your Colts History: A Lot of Hart


Today, I have two confessions to make. 1. I'm an Ohio State football fan. Yeah, I know.  The Ohio State that runs amok in a weak Big Ten Conference and gets creamed in national championship...

Know Your Colts History: The All-Important HOF Game Scouting Report


As you all probably know, I live in northern Virginia, so even though I'm a diehard Colts fan, I know a lot about the Redskins through local osmosis.  Since we'll be facing them on Sunday, I...

Know Your Colts History: Fat Chance


In every sport there are players that may not have a lot of discernable value, but they're decent backups that fans enjoy just so long as they don't have a major impact on the game that's being...

Know Your Colts History: Great View!


Fan 1: Can you believe this? Fan 2: No I can't! Fan 1: We just got seats for opening night for 5 bucks!  How awesome is that? Fan 2: I'm sure there has to be some sort of catch, but hey, getting...

Know Your Colts History: You Can Do It Too!


So by now you've probably heard that Tony Dungy has written a children's book.  While I'm slightly put off by him being referred to as New York Times Bestselling Author Tony Dungy, rather than...

Know Your Colts History: Start the Countdown


Independence Day.  Isn't it grand?  American spirit!  Fireworks!  Hot dogs!  Will Smith fighting aliens!  Barbecue!  Fun with friends and family!  Localized traditions that no one outside of your...

Know Your Colts History: Must Improve


In between vomits during the NBA Draft, I noticed that ESPN was doing this thing with every player they'd list his the player's weakest attribute by saying Must Improve:[Fill in the blank].  Most...

Know Your Colts History: Super Bowl Tickets are Cheap


Last weekend, I was at the mall checking out some stuff, and I by chance I learned that the mall was hosting a sports memorabilia expo thingamajig there.  Naturally, I was pretty jacked up, even...

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