Know Your Colts History: Appreciating Kelvin (Part 2)


Continuing the theme from last week, here's the 16 more reasons why Kelvin Hayden is awesome: 11.  This Q&A from a Colts Chat a few months back: Q: Entering the season, most people outside...

Know Your Colts History: Appreciating Kelvin (Part 1)


Hopefully you've read Football Outsider's interview with Bill Polian by now, and if you haven't, I'd highly suggest reading it after you're done with this, so you can end on a high note. Out of...

Know Your Colts History: Back to line


I don't know about you guys, but I'm really excited about our defense this season.  Actually, let me re-phrase that, I'm estatic about our defense this season.  With The Hit Squad we've got one of...

Know Your Colts History: Goodbye, Golf Cart


For most of the week, I thought about using KYCH to talk about the whole Marvin Harrison situation, since it has dominated the water cooler talk in Colt circles this week.  But after some...

Know Your Colts History: This is your draft class


All this week we've been looking at our new draft choices, trying to see how they'll fit in on the team and all that fun jazz.  But we still don't really know much about the players as people. ...

Petition to Fire Russ Purnell


Because BuffaloPhil kept riding my ass on it, here it is:PETITION TO FIRE COLTS SPECIAL TEAMS COACH RUSS PURNELLWe, the Colts fans who frequent the fan blog Stampede Blue, hereby state in this...

The Patriots are just like the Nazis


Yes folks, the pro football team that resides in New England is just like the German National Socialist Party, aka the Nazis. When we Colts fans call the Patriots Nazis, by God we mean it! Not only...

Cheering for the Cowboys- 'Ode to Nick Folk


Ok, I have to admit it... last night I cheered for the Cowboys. I was down by several points in my fantasy league and Marion Barder and Nick Folk (the kicker) are on my team. Nick Folk's last...

Stampede Blue Contest: Best Patriots Excuse!


The Patriots have until Friday to explain themselves to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after they were caught using a video camera to capture the NY Jets signals on the sideline in New...

Once again, proof surfaces that Vince Young is indeed THAT stupid


Yep. That dumb folks. The Titans are obviously very excited and pleased that they have signed another former Indianapolis Colt to their roster. One such Titan is their second-year QB,...

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