Stampede Blue chats with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell


SB Nation blogger Brad "BBS" Wells was invited to chat with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at Radio City Music Hall during the 2010 NFL Draft.

Stampede Blue has a beer with Peter King: Part II


Part II of Stampede Blue's lengthy interview with SI's Peter King in South Florida, site of Super Bowl 44.

Stampede Blue has a beer with Peter King: Part I


Stampede Blue sits down with Sports Illustrated's Peter King to talk about blogging.

Rivals Week: A conversation with "Music City Miracles" blogger Jimmy


Stampede Blue asks Tennessee Titans blogger Jimmy "Five Questions" leading up to the Colts v. Titans game this Sunday.

Keeping Tabs On The Enemy: New England Patriots


Want to know the skinny on the Colts biggest rival? Come check it out!

Voice Of The Fan: yellowsnow


Yeah yeah yeah, I know, it took me forever but it's here.  The very first edition of VOTF.  No lengthy intro needed, read and enjoy.Me: Who is your favorite Colts player of all time? YS: Marvin. ...

Stampede Blue interviews Tony Mandarich


Tony Mandarich, former #2 overall pick in 1989 draft Many of you read MasterRWayne's article on Tony Mandarich last week. His article was prompted by all the news and buzz...

5 Questions with Stephanie Stradley, Texans WOMAN Extraordinaire


I've been a bit rough with AOL Fanhouse of late, mainly because they are supposed to be a fan blog written by sports fans. Hence, the name "Fanhouse." But if you read their daily entries, the...

5 Questions with Chris, Head Writer at Big Cat Country


Many of you old timers will remember Chris, who used to blog here under the name absurdpolitik. Chris was our resident Jaguars fan, giving us updates and insight on his team...

Picking Tony Dungy's Brain


via As I mentioned at the end of last week, Coach Dungy appeared on set with Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio on Friday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  He...


Baltimore fan invades Colts blog!


Baltimore Beatdown Rexx, the head blogger over at Baltimore Beatdown, was kind enough to answer a few questions about the old Baltimore Colts, Johnny U., and (of course) the game this...

A fireside chat with Dave The Falconer


The Falcoholic SB Nation's Atlanta Falcons blog Dave The Falconer, the head writer over at The Falcoholic, has had a rough year. His team's franchise QB was indicted for dogfighting,...

Dissecting genius... or, as we layman call it, chatting with Arrowhead Pride


Arrowhead Pride: SB Nation's KC Chiefs blog I've got a big hard-on for AHP. Maybe it stems from my Tecmo Bowl days. While everyone else played Bo Jackson and the Raiders, I played...

Stampede Blue Radio: Our own podcast returns


STAMPEDE BLUE RADIO, a podcast for Indianapolis Colts and NFL fans! We couldn't do it last night prior to the SB Nation Sports Report. So, we'll do it tonight. It's the beauty of podcasting. I...

5 Questions with a Bucs fans who is NOT a troll


In light of the recent troll attack from some Bucs fans, I thought it appropriate that we have a nice chat with a Bucs fan who isn't a troll: JScott from SB Nation's Bucs blog, Buc'Em. B...

Bleeding Green Nation gets facetime with Cris Collinsworth


JasonB will get to talk with this guy here. One of my absolute favorite bloggers is JasonB at Bleeding Green Nation. Not only does he make a kick-ass podcast (dude's got a serious radio...

Five questions with Canal Street Chronicles' Sunil


Kick ass blog logo. I had a chance to sit down and talk with Sunil, the head blogger over at SB Nation's Saints blog, Canal Street Chonicles. BigBlueShoe: First of all, welcome to SB...

SBNSR: Special guest Mike Tanier of Football Outsiders


Tonight on the SB Nation Sports Report, SB Nation's official podcast, Mike Tanier of Football Outsiders, and contributing writer for the Football Prospectus, will join us to talk about the...

Five questions for Windy City Gridiron


WCG and I swapped wives... er, sorry, five questions with each other. WCG is the original SB Nation NFL blogger, and it is only fitting that his team make the Super Bowl in the first full year of...

Stampede Blue interviews Deadspin Editor Will Leitch


It is my pleasure to have five good questions answered by Will Leitch, editor of Deadspin and blogfather for many of us in the sports blogging world. Deadspin is, in many ways, THE sports blog on...

Interview with Kirkendall


The Colts clash with the Bengals this Monday, a re-match of last year's shootout which featured a gaggle of yards, touchdowns, great throws, and terrible tackling on defense. Last year's contest...

A Sit Down with the Blogfather


I recently had a sit down with the Blog Father of SB Nation football, Dom Grizz Romolioni, the head writer for Blogging The Boys. Grizz receives respect from a new SB Nation blogger while...

Stampede Blue's Interview with Columnist Reggie Hayes


We've spent a lot of time bashing and ripping the media for their coverage of the Colts this season. For a change of pace, I thought I'd highlight someone who, in my opinion, has covered the Colts...

My interview with Music City Miracles blogger Jimmy


Week Five is upon us, and the Colts face their third division opponent in four weeks. This week, Indy clashes with the Tennessee Titans, who have gone through a whirlwind in recent days:...

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