Bad Journalism

Yahoo's Charles Robinson calls ESPN's Rick Reilly an "idiot" for running of the bulls video piece


A rare moments when one high profile writers calls out another.

Jeremy Green continues to write stupid stuff and get paid for it


ESPN's Jeremy Green calls the Colts defensive tackles a "weakness" for the team. However, those pesky things called "facts" seem to disagree with his theory.

The Big Lead acting like schmucks again on the subject of cheating


Wrap your minds around this gem: The NCAA investigation that's been going on since 2006 is supposedly close to an end. Pete Carroll fled to the NFL where he'll be free from sanctions. So will USC...

Dan Dakich makes a fool out of himself interviewing Colts General Manager Chris Polian


Dan Dakich of 1070 The Fan should be ashamed of himself for the slurp job he did interviewing Colts GM Chris Polian.

ESPN's all-1st round QB pick: the height of lazy sportswriting


ESPN's lazy QB analysis.

Jason Cole vomits on keyboard, calls it an "article"


Jason Cole continues his crusade to write as articles that redefine laziness in sports journalism.

Pat Kirwan proposes defensive theories that make no sense


Pat Kirwan continues to speak nonsense and get paid for it.

The predictable mock outrage over Manning not shaking hands


The mock outrage for Peyton Manning not shaking hands with Drew Brees after Super Bowl 44.

Gee, ya think ESPN is rooting for the Saints?


ESPN continues to prove that they really don't care about reporting news.

Dear Gregg Doyel: STFU already, man!


Gregg Doyel continues to push the boundaries of douchebaggery.


One more time: Marvin Harrison didn't shoot anyone


The broken record continues to spin and spin and spin around the player. Of course, the subject is Marvin Harrison. Of course, he didn't shoot anyone in May of 2008.

Terry Bradshaw worried that people will think Peyton Manning is better than him


Terry Bradshaw thinks Peyton Manning did not deserve 2009 NFL MVP.

Jason Cole still doesn't watch football games, continues to write incorrect nonsense about Peyton Manning and the Colts


Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole continues to write statements that are not supported by pesky little things like facts, statistics, and the like.

Indy Star's Phil Richards claims we made a false report; of course, he's wrong


Phil Richards at the Indianapolis Star misrepresents what Stampede Blue has written about Bill Polian's actions during his radio call-in show last Monday night.

Colts clinch AFC South; big media makes a frowny face


It's time to line up all the established media morons who picked the Colts to lose the AFC south division and feed them to the sharks.

The Colts win, but are "outplayed" by the Ravens?


Stampede Blue is not sure what ESPN's Paul Kuharsky was thinking writing about how the Ravens "outplayed" the Colts, yet lost.

Established media clearly did not like the outcome of Patriots v. Colts Sunday night


The established media simply cannot understand why the Colts beat the Patriots, again.

Yahoo! Sports Dan Wetzel is a whiny cry baby


Yahoo Sports Dan Wretzel is really, really bad at his job today.

NFL Network really needs to fire Marshall Faulk


NFL Netowrk's Marshall Faulk continues to prove you really can be THAT stupid and get paid for it.

Ignorance is bliss: Why Yahoo!'s Chris Chase and ESPN's Colts documentary are full of it


Yahoo! Sports writer Chris Chase makes an ass out of himself by senselessly bashing Colts owner Jim Irsay after watching the flawed ESPN op-ed by Barry Levinson titled "The Band That Wouldn't Die."

Peter King, Red Sox fan, once again picks the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl


Peter King is a big, fat New England Patriots homer. The evidence to suggest so is pretty convincing. So, why doesn't he just come out an admit what the rest of us already know?

Happy birthday Marvin Harrison


Today is Marvin's 37th birthday, and wide receivers in the NFL rarely produce much past the age of 35. So, even though we all know it is likely Marvin Harrison won't sign with anyone, why are...

Interesting quote from Peter King regarding 2009 Colts


Peter King tries to sound smart; fails miserably.

ESPN confused as to which black man is running the Indianapolis Colts


ESPN continues to screw up as the confuse Colts head coach Jim Caldwell with running backs coach Gene Huey.

I don't want to hear Bob Kravitz or any other ESPN hack lecture me about journalistic integrity ever again


ESPN is not a network dedicated to journalistic integrity. They are an entertainment network. And any journalists who works for them can no longer call themselves a "journalist." Stampede Blue...

KC Joyner is pretentious "blogger," hates Peyton Manning


NY Times' KC Joyner shows the world that you too can write utter nonsense and still get paid handsomely for it.

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