Milestone Millieu


A baseball player on a Colts blog?  I know baseball is a topic that doesn't get discussed much here.  With the discussion in the main stream media about Jim Thome and his 600th home run, it got me...

Colts Make Offer To Peyton Manning


The Indianapolis Colts have made their first contract offer to QB Peyton Manning.

Eric Foster Still "In Good Standing"


This morning, Bill Polian issued a statement regarding Eric Foster's situation: We are aware that a civil action seeking monetary damages has been filed against Eric Foster. The alleged incident...

Week 10: Wednesday Injury Report


Colts and Pats injury reports for Wednesday.

Week 7: Wednesday Injury Report


Wednesday Injury Report for the Colts matchup against the Rams

Week 5: Thursday Injury Report


Thursday Injury Report for Sunday Night's Colts-Titans matchup.

Week 5: Wednesday Injury Report


Initial injury report for Sunday's Colts-Titans matchup.

Week 4: Friday Injury Report


Friday Injury Report: DE depth gets a boost from Keyunta Dawson's return to practice, but Freeney, Brackett, Sanders and Hayden remained sidelined today.

Week 4: Wednesday Injury Report


Week 4: Wednesday Injury Report and News


Week 3: Friday Injury Report


Final Injury Report for Colts-Cardinals

Week 3: Thursday Injury Report


Week 3: Thursday Injury Report for Cards-Colts.

Final Colts-Phins Injury Report


Final Injury Report for Colts MNF @Miami

Week 2: Friday Injury Report


Sanders, Gonzalez, Santi and Richard miss practice. Charlie Johnson and Jamie Silva back on the field.

Week 2: Thursday Injury Report


First day of the injury report for week 2.

Week 1: Friday Injury Report, News


Final injury report and Friday's news on the Colts-Jaguars matchup.

Week 1: Thursday Injury Report, News


Thursday injury reports for the Colts and Jags, plus Colts news on Sanders' health and Caldwell naming a likely starter at CB for Sunday.

Week 1: Wednesday Injury Report


50 players on the roster practiced fully. 3 sat out. Did Not Participate: Bob Sanders (knee), Tom Santi (ankle), Jamie Silva (abdomen). Silva missing time, in addition to Sanders not yet being back...

Memorial Day: A Tribute To Their Sacrifices


Memorial Day Tribute.

Luke Links: Better late than never


Karlos Dansby doesn't even know if the Cardinals are working on a contract for him. Larry Johnson must be on drugs or something because he actually did something smart for once. The Bengals s...

Luke Links: It's friiiiiiiiiddaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy


I was going to post this yesterday but there was too much stuff going on and figured it'd be best to consolidate it all today. Obviously the big news story yesterday was Jay Cutler being traded...

Is the possible departure of Marvin Harrison a blow to the Colts?


Looking through many of the mock drafts on the 'Net and scrounging through comments and posts from the fine folks on this board, it strikes me as odd we're not in more of an uproar about Marvin's...

Handing over the reins - Dungy's protege Caldwell grabs hold


"Jim Caldwell sat in a room with 14 other AFC head coaches last week in his first NFL owners' meetings since being named Tony Dungy's successor as coach of the Indianapolis Colts. How do you...

Luke Links: The I thought it was Monday still edition


As GoHorse88 reported, Buster Davis has been waived.  I'm not saddened by this news, I actually kind of like it.  Expect a couple LBs to be drafted this year. BBS announced the pre-season...

Luke Links: Another day, another dollar


Corey Ivy signs with the Browns. The Jets may look for a running back early in the draft if Thomas Jones doesn't show up for minicamps. Saints sign Darren Sharper. Correll Buckhalter was named...

Luke Links: St. Patrick's Day edition


via If you're drinking tonight, be safe, AND DON'T DRIVE DRUNK.  Be smart and get a DD ftlog.  Cheers! The Jaguars cut WR Jones.  Good riddance! ...

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