2011 NFL Free Agents: Colts Should Target Brendon Mebane, DT, Seahawks


Brendon Mebane, the 26-year-old tackle from Cal. At 6'1, 311 pounds, he's built and bred to dominate at the DT spot in a Tampa-2 defense.

Colts Defense Beats Jaguars At Their Own Game


A dramatically improved run defense is the difference between the Colts winning Week Fifteen and losing Week Four against the Jaguars.

Roster Move Soon For Colts? UPDATE Colts Sign Punter


Who will fill the current open roster spot on the Colts?

Colts Renewed Focus On Running The Football In 2010


Comcast sponsored post today focuses on the Colts running game after six weeks.

Colts 19, Chiefs 9: What Needs Fixin'


Stampede Blue discusses the flaws in the Colts 19-9 win over the Chiefs.

Colts Week Five Friday Injury Report


Colts Week Five Friday injury report.

Was Colts Coach Jim Caldwell's Timeout Late In The Fourth Quarter Against The Jaguars A Good Idea?


Simple question: Was Jim Caldwell's decision to call a timeout with 36 second left against the Jaguars a good idea?

Big Cat Country and Stampede Blue Duke It Out, Queensberry Rules


Stampede Blue chats with Big Cat Country's big man, Alfie Crow about Colts v. Jaguars this Sunday.

A Little Love For Colts Corner Justin Tryon


Colts Justin Tryon is playing very well as a special teams gunner.

Dwight Freeney Takes A Shot At SI's Peter King


Dwight Freeney would like to sack SI's Peter King.


The Quote Machine: Colts 38, Giants 14


Quote machine spits out quotes following Colts Week Two win over the Giants.

So, I Assume You Watched Saints V. Vikings Last Night


Saints v. Vikings scored huge ratings.

The Quote Machine: Week One Is Here


The quote machine talks offensive line and punts with Jim Caldwell and Peyton Manning.

The Quote Machine: Colts Heading Into 2010 NFL Regular Season


The Quote Machine gives us Jim Cadlwell talking about the Colts heading into the 2010 NFL regular season.

Happy Labor Day: Some Praise For New Colts Corner Justin Tryon


Colts made a good trade in getting Justin Tryon from the Redskins.

2010 Colts Prelude To The Regular Season: Final Cutdown Day


Cutdown day for the 2010 Indianapolis Colts always brings a few surprises.

NFL Continues To Alter And Tweak Umpire Rule In Ways That Contradict Rule's Original Intent


More stupidity from the NFL on the umpire rule change.

The Quote Machine: Final Preseason Game Of 2010


The Quote Machine serves up Jim Caldwell talking about the Colts fourth and final preseason game of 2010.

Guess The Colts Offensive Line For 2010


Who will win the two open guard spots when Week One gets here for the Colts?

The Quote Machine: Bill Polian Umpire Rules


The Quote Machine latches onto Colts president Bill Polian and does not let go.

Partying With NFL.com Friends, Playing Fantasy Football


Stampede Blue parties with NFL at Edison Ballroom in NYC.

Forbes Names Bill Polian Most Valuable 'General Manager' In Football


Forbes says Bill Polian is really good at his job.

Colts Players BBS Hopes Make the 2010 Roster or Practice Squad


Stampede Blue lists Colts players they are rooting for to make the team in 2010.

The Quote Machine: Freeney Sees No Hurry For Hughes


The Quote Machine spits out Dwight Freeney and Jim Caldwell.

Stampede Blue and Comcast NFL RedZone


Stampede Blue continues its partnership with Comcast and their NFL RedZone channel.

And now some questions from our sponsor


As a valued partner of SB Nation and this site, Comcast/XFINITY is looking for your opinion.

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