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Manning practices again, Saturday out 6-11 weeks depending on options


We'll go bad news first. Bottom line, if Jeff Saturday opts to not have surgery on his strained MCL, he's back in 6 weeks, maybe. If he does opt for surgery, he's back in 11 weeks. That means he'll...

Steve Justice, Gijon Robinson, Pierre Garcon, and other depth jewels


When will Jeff Saturday return?Photo: Reuters It's hard to get jazzed about an upcoming season when players are dropping like flies left and right. And it seems every year we get...

Peyton Manning practices, looks good


From Phil B: Peyton Manning practiced today. And I saw him. And he looked like the same, old Peyton in some throwing drills, dropping back, running out a fake off a pitch. And he wasn't wearing a...

Roster cuts: T.J. Rushing to IR, and done for the year


T.J. Rushing had a strong camp and was solidifying himself as the Colts' kick and punt returner. However, he got injured in the game last Sunday with the Bills, and he was placed on IR, ending his...

In defense of Quinn Gray


At least Quinn Gray is trying to do something with the football.Photo: Colts.com I know it is fashionable to take shots at a guy who throws 4 INTs in a preseason game. In fact,...

John Clayton: Jeff Saturday out until Week Three with leg injury


From John Clayton's ESPN "blog": The bad news is he probably won't have his starting center Jeff Saturday. Saturday suffered a leg injury in Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills and could be...

Peyton Manning will practice tomorrow


From the Indy Star: Peyton Manning is expected to participate in a full-squad practice for the first time Tuesday, the next step in his recovery from knee surgery. The Indianapolis Colts...

BigBlueShoe guesses on who will get cut today

  1. Kenton Keith, RB
  2. Joe Bradley, DT
  3. Adam Crossett, K
  4. Onrea Jones, WR
  5. Clifton Dawson, RB

Preseason 2008: Bills 20-Colts 7


Get. Healthy. Now.Photo: AJ Mast, AP As we said prior to the game, the only thing worth watching last night was the stadium. And my, did it look beautiful on TV. Seeing them open...

Preseason 2008: Post-Game Thread, Bills 20-Colts 7


Boy, was that boring. But hey, it's preseason. The Colts mailed this game in early, trotting out Jared Lorenzen as the "Starting" QB because Jim Sorgi hurt himself stepping off the bus. No, I'm not...

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