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Player Review: Jeff Saturday


  Before this season Jeff Saturday had started 126 of 128 games since becoming a starter. He doubled those games missed this season. The splits with and without Jeff Saturday this past season...

Player Review: Mike Pollak


The Colts first pick of the 2008 draft got off to a rocky start that cost him a chunk of preseason and the first month of the regular season. Pollak started the next 13 games before another...

2008 Colts OT Review


Profiles Tony Ugoh Ryan Diem Charlie Johnson Dan Federkiel   There are a lot of elite OT's in the draft, but a lot of teams are looking for an OT early and the quality drops off...

Player Review: Dan Federkiel


Only 3 players started at OT for the Colts, but Federkiel was to be the next man off the bench (or the interior line). The converted defensive tackle from Medicine Hat, Alberta started the first...

Player Review: Ryan Diem


Diem was one of just 4 players to start all 16 games for the offense, that's one of the few nice things I can say about him this season. They were mediocre running behind him and a disaster...

Player Review: Charlie Johnson


It's probably a good thing we didn't do these reviews last season, or else we all would have said horrible, hurtful things that we could never take back about Charlie Johnson. CJ wasn't just a...

Player Review: Tony Ugoh


Offensive Line play isn't something an average (or even most informed) fans watch closely and it's rarely measured by stats directly. It's not hopeless though the limited observation and some...

2008 Colts Tight End Review


The Colts are rock solid at the TE spot with Clark signed long term and 4 young players behind him on the roster. The Colts aren't drafting a tight end. They aren't signing anything other than...

Player Review: Dallas Clark


Dallas had his best season yet for the second straight year. He improved his career high in receptions by 19 and yards by 232, but didn't repeat his 11 TD performance of last season (he had 6). ...

Player Review: Jacob Tamme


Tamme was expected by many to take the second TE spot after a very good preseason (10 for 133, 2 TDs in 4 games). Jacob Tamme = stud. I think he just passed Gijon Robinson on the depth chart. -...

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