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2008 Colts Free Agents Rookies: Curtis Johnson and Jamie Silva


Jamie Silva was a serious playmaker in college.Photo: Scouts.com I'm taking a break from bashing Mike Florio to actually talk about something important: Free agent rookies! N...

2008 NFL Minicamp Schedule


From NFL.com: NFL minicamp schedule Team Dates Arizona Cardinals May 2-4 Atlanta Falcons May 10-12; June 23-25 (voluntary) Baltimore Ravens May 1-3 (voluntary);...

Marvin Harrison Shooting: Details conflict with 610 WIP Radio report from Friday


From 18 to 88 (emphasis mine): A Philadelphia Inquirer Daily News piece now has other discrepancies with the original report broken by a Philly radio reporter on Friday:On Friday it was reported...

2008 NFL Draft: Bill Polian loves centers


So, with their last pick in the draft in the 7th round, with guys like DE Rudolph Hardie still on the board, Bill Polian drafted... another center? In general, the 2008 draft will be remembered as...

2008 NFL Draft: Colts select C Mike Pollack at pick #59


Just like all of you, my response to this pick was "Who?" With DE Cliff Avril and WR Earl Bennett still on the board, the Colts take an offensive lineman: Mike Pollack, out of Arizona State. It's...

2008 NFL Draft: Open Thread


via assets.sbnation.com Well, it is finally here. Draft day, the Super Bowl of the off-season, is here. In many ways, more NFL fans get more excited for the draft then the...

Final 2008 Mock Draft: Indianapolis Colts


So, this is my last, pathetic attempt at a mock draft. I’ve done more mocks this year than any other year, and the reason why is I’ve been more focused on this year’s draft than any other. It was a...

Who the hell will they draft 2008: Boston College LBer Jo-Lonn "Joey" Dunbar


Photo via media.rivals.com For the last Who the hell will they draft for 2008, I decided to focus on a LBer that will likely be available in rounds 4-7: Boston College’s Jo-Lonn "Joey" Dunbar. ...

Matt Miller gives us a B; I wanted a C


Mocking the Draft's head writer and New Era Scouting god Matt Miller gave us a "B" for drafting Matt Forte' with the 59th pick in the 2008 SB Nation Mock Draft. Here's Matt's comments:An...

Who the hell will they draft 2008: Appalachia State S Corey Lynch


This is the second to last Who the hell will they draft 2008 feature I plan to do. When we first started this, waaaaaaaay back in February, I talked about doing profiles of several Hoosier...

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