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AFC South 'Weak Spot' Defensive Tackle

In Paul Kuharsky's AFC South Blog recently posted an analysis of each AFC South's Team weakness: For the Colts, Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. wrote that the colt's biggest weakness is Defensive...

Colts Training Camp 2008: Tafrailas and Burgess waived


Months after out dueling Jacksonville for the right to sign Rudy Burgess, the Colts have cut him. They also parted ways with QB Adam Tafrailas. So, it looks like Manning, Sorgi, Gray, and The...

How to have a heart attack: Wake up early morning and read Peyton Manning had unexpected knee surgery


via www.ast-services.co.uk I'll re-iterate JakeTheSnake's advice to everyone: Relax. Like many of you, I logged onto Stampede Blue this morning expecting to read another of mgrex's excellent G...

Colts Links: 6/24/2008


So, I suggest Terry Glenn, Spidz34 suggests Eric Parker. [Edit: My bad. BlueVol03 suggested Eric Parker while Spidz34 suggested Jason Taylor .] Spidz34'sBlueVol03's suggestion is better, but I...

18 to 88 bashes the hell out of Jeremy Green and ESPN


The only other person who hates Jeremy Green more than me is Deshawn Zombie at 18 to 88. With Green, it is an endless cycle of stupidity and odd, excessive hands movements on TV. Deshawn Zombie s...

ESPN discusses AFC South, and actually sounds intelligent doing so


Let it not be said that I hate everything ESPN does. This breakdown of the AFC South in 2008 is actually pretty good. Shaun King is fastly becoming my favorite chatterbox when talking NFL football....

Which AFC South team improved the most


via Washington Post It's always fun to speculate which team has done the most to unseat the Colts overlords of the AFC South. The reason it's fun is because the Titans, Jaguars,...

Are the Colts still the beasts of the AFC South?


It seems every year some nitwit at ESPN or NFL Network says This is the year the [insert inferior AFC South team here] will overtake the Colts in the AFC South. They said it last season after Vince...

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