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Stampede Blue Fantasy Football Update


Invites were just recently sent out of this year's Stampede Blue FFL, which is sponsored by AOL Fanhouse. For our blog alone, almost 100 people signed up. So, AOL had to do a drawing to see who...

Marvin Harrison is going to play Saturday against Carolina


Photo via Washington Post The Indy Star is reporting, and Ufanforreal is Fan Posting, that Marvin Harrison will indeed play this Saturday against the Carolina Panthers. This is a...

Yay. Hester got an extension. Fanhouse bitter I called out one of their writers


I guess all is right with the world again, as Devin Hester received a contract extension and a nice bonus of cash today. This comes one day after I defended Chicago Tribune writer Jack Kree for his...

AOL Fanhouse's Michael David Smith continues to write stupid crap


I know this is about the Chicago Bears, but when I see people write stupid stuff that insults another writer's well written article, I feel the need to defend the guy who got it right the first...

Colts Links: 7/8/2008


I really, really love the Peyton Manning's Greatest Games series mgrex30 is doing. It is easily one of the best series I've read in some time on one specific player. He even highlighted a game I...

AOL Fanhouse Writer Josh Alper Body Slams Mike Shanahan


This is a Class 3 beatdown by AOL Fanhouse writer Josh Alper. Basically, the Broncos are saying one of the reasons they cut or released Todd Sauerbrun, Javon Walker, and Travis Henry was because of...

AOL pissing on Indianapolis


AOL Fanhouse continues to find ways to piss me off. The quickest is insulting the city I was raised in and was just awarded the 2012 Super Bowl. Fanhouse writer Ryan Wilson decided to urinate on...

So, where is all of Marvin's dirty laundry?


Photo: Darron Cummings, AP Well, it's been two weeks since the shooting incident in Philly that involved Marvin Harrison's gun. Two weeks, and still not charges filed or...

AOL Fanhouse baffled as to why Colts signed Rhodes, and more helpful links


AOL Fanhouse's Michael David Smith is confused as to way the Colts signed Dominic Rhodes, suggesting Kenton Keith is better because he rushed for 4.4 yards a carry in 2007 while Rhodes rushed...

Marvin Harrison is not a suspect, but Paolantonio, Florio and Smith are


Until we see the words Marvin Harrison Arrested the incident outside Harrison's North Philly bar is a non-story, and the people pushing the baseless rumors as if they were facts (Mike Florio,...

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