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Film Review: Cleaning Up Coverage


In this article we take a look at coverage techniques employed by Michigan against MSU and how they need to continue to improve on some basic things in order to take the next step.

Inside the Playbook Decides to Pass to the U-Back


Not only does the U-Back provide versatility and simplicity to the run game, while adding complexity for the defense, it does much the same in the pass game. Here, we look at how the UB can take up...

MnB B1G Preview: UNL Schemes for Poor DT Play


Pelini has been one of the best defensive minds in college football. Yet, last year, something changed. That something was the poor DT play. In this article we discuss Nebraska's defense and the...

Losing the Point of Attack


Texas has won the battle in the trenches against the Sooners for the last several years. Generally, the defensive line on each side tends to have the advantage and I'm suspicious that both schools...

Mack’s New Strategery: Defense


Mack maintained his new policy of finding fresh, young blood for the program with the Manny Diaz hire that everyone seems to be in love with. I love that he's another up and coming coach, I love...

What our new staff should look like


Judging from the lists of defensive coordinators going traveling the rumour mill you might guess that "African American" is a qualifier for the next defensive coordinator. Somehow much of the...

Why Peyton Manning is unreal, and throws Colt McCoy should emulate


Behind the link are two videos from NFL Network illustrating the kind of read an NFL QB has to make in a very, very short amount of time. Oh, and some pretty good throws, too. Like Chris Brown (who writes SmartFootball) I am not convinced that the "2-trap" call is actually what is being played. It looks like split field coverage to me, with the 2WR side in Cover-2 zone and the 1WR side in man. You can clearly see the 1WR side LB ready to cover the TE in man, then rush once he sees the TE pass set. The other LB seems to be in zone to start, then find the RB outlet pass at the play develops. In fact in the first play I am not so sure it isn't some sort of exotic QQH/"Revis island" coverage. In any event, the second play just plays out like it is vs. C2 zone: 2 deep WR vs 1 deep safety. And that's what NFL QBs have to sort through in order to win.

OSU v. Iowa: The OSU Defensive Review


OSU v. Iowa: The OSU Defensive Review by Ross F.

OSU v. PSU: OSU Defensive Review


OSU v. PSU: OSU Defensive Review by Ross F.

Frank Bush And The Aggressive Defense That Never Was: A Case Study Of Good 4-3 Defenses


Rivers spends too much time reading his FOA 2010 and hammers out another case study. This time, on good 4-3 defenses and what they are doing that Frank Bush isn't.

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