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My Dream Colt's 2014 Offseason Scenario(FA, Draft)

Let me start by saying, I’m not a cap expert but I do know the process of how it works. I’ll try to put some contract #’s up that I expect players to get paid based on other contracts around the...

Evan Sidery's Mock Draft 1.0


I give you a thorough analysis of every pick in my first round mock draft. Who moves up, down, or stays put in my mock draft? Find out how one quarterback possibly controls the keys to what the...

Scott Sicko, undrafted, turns down Cowboys and other teams, decides against playing in the NFL


Scott Sicko leaves football after not being drafted. "But as the final day of the NFL Draft progressed Saturday, and Sicko continued not to see his name pop up on ESPN, that easy answer to The Question grew hazier, then clearer. And when the NFL finally called – and called and called and called – late in the afternoon, Scott Sicko’s response shocked his agents, the teams but in the end not himself. Thanks, but no thanks." Quotes from him indicate that the move is not petulance, but rather a realistic appraisal of the life and length of career the average undrafted free agent experiences. "Not getting drafted, he decided, provided a new clarity, a different answer to the question of whether he wanted to get started on his life after football. "If I were to be drafted I would have had more confidence of a much longer career in the NFL," Sicko said. "I have to look at my life and decide what will make me the happiest. And the thing that will make me the happiest now and in the long run is to pursue my education."

Schadenfreude alert: "Tebow to watch draft at home"


Quote: "Former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has decided not to attend the NFL draft in New York City and instead will watch it at his home in Jacksonville, Fla., a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter"...

2008 NFL Draft: Colts select C Mike Pollack at pick #59


Just like all of you, my response to this pick was "Who?" With DE Cliff Avril and WR Earl Bennett still on the board, the Colts take an offensive lineman: Mike Pollack, out of Arizona State. It's...

2008 NFL Draft: Open Thread


via assets.sbnation.com Well, it is finally here. Draft day, the Super Bowl of the off-season, is here. In many ways, more NFL fans get more excited for the draft then the...

Final 2008 Mock Draft: Indianapolis Colts


So, this is my last, pathetic attempt at a mock draft. I’ve done more mocks this year than any other year, and the reason why is I’ve been more focused on this year’s draft than any other. It was a...

Who the hell will they draft 2008: Boston College LBer Jo-Lonn "Joey" Dunbar


Photo via media.rivals.com For the last Who the hell will they draft for 2008, I decided to focus on a LBer that will likely be available in rounds 4-7: Boston College’s Jo-Lonn "Joey" Dunbar. ...

Who the hell will they draft 2008: Appalachia State S Corey Lynch


This is the second to last Who the hell will they draft 2008 feature I plan to do. When we first started this, waaaaaaaay back in February, I talked about doing profiles of several Hoosier...

Looks like Michigan's Jake Long is the #1 overall pick this year


According to Michael David Smith of AOL Fanhouse:The Miami Dolphins have agreed to a contract with Michigan offensive tackle Jake Long and will sign him to a contract with $30 million guaranteed,...

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