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Kuharsky defends Manning against email attack


An emailer named Joe McGreal "from Bangkok, Thailand" decided to rip up on Peyton some: "Why do sportswriters not get down and dirty with Manning on his big game failures? To throw a pick 6 in the Super Bowl at least warranted some additional scrutiny on his big game prowess... ... I truly believe sportswriters in general are way too lenient on Manning. Piling up stats in regular season against mainly substandard defenses is not a measure for greatness." Kuharsky pens a fine response: "If it’s so easy to pile up stats in the regular season, why haven’t more people done it? Manning is superb in the regular season in a way few of his peers can imagine. Against mostly substandard defenses? That’s a huge stretch. ... (Incidentally, he beat the Jets and their No. 1 defense in the AFC title game. He beat Baltimore, the No. 3 defense, and Denver, No. 7, in the regular season.) ... So if they lose it’s his fault and when they won it was despite him? How can he win in that scenario? ... And who is great by your standards beside Terry Bradshaw and Troy Aikman, then? John Elway lost the Super Bowl more often than he won it. Brett Favre and Kurt Warner have the same Super Bowl record as Manning. What losers. " Nice too see a national writer 1. Meet some of those canards head on, and 2. Tell an emailer how it is.

ESPN's Kuharsky muses on the "Best Colts team of all time"


ESPN writer/blogger Paul Kuharsky thinks out loud (well, on screen) about which Colts team is the best one, ever. He lists the 1958, '59, '68, '70, and 2006 teams as candidates, then solicits feedback. And as a departure for an ESPN comments section, the replies are mostly well thought out. It's an interesting albeit short read.

ESPN's AFC South blog reports that "Manning's got game face"


Not a big story. In fact, it's nothing more than a photo and a caption. But Peyton sure looks focused in.

I'm shocked, absolutely shocked that ESPN hasn't written another article on Marvin Harrison!


ESPN's journalistic integrity has taken a big hit after Dwight Dixon was convicted of lying to police following the Marvin Harrison shooting incident


More ESPN MVP Douchebaggery

Hey all, it's been a long time since I've been able to access the full site.  I'm in the process of moving from Dallas to a much more depressing part of Texas(Wacky Waco), and wrapping up my...

18 to 88 bashes the hell out of Jeremy Green and ESPN


The only other person who hates Jeremy Green more than me is Deshawn Zombie at 18 to 88. With Green, it is an endless cycle of stupidity and odd, excessive hands movements on TV. Deshawn Zombie s...

ESPN discusses AFC South, and actually sounds intelligent doing so


Let it not be said that I hate everything ESPN does. This breakdown of the AFC South in 2008 is actually pretty good. Shaun King is fastly becoming my favorite chatterbox when talking NFL football....

NFL.com's Jason Feller is seemingly a BIG Cowboys fan


NFL.com has an article up celebrating 15 years of free agency. I have a vague memory of the NFL prior to free agency, and I remember when it happened (allowing players like Keith Jackson to leave...

Colts Links: 5/27/2008


Hope everyone had a fun and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. I know I needed a break. I wish I could say I spent the time catching up on Colts news, but the truth is I spent most of the three-day...


ESPN the Mag Confirms: Indianapolis Colts are the best franchise in ALL of sports

Note: Promoted from the FanPosts and edited slightly by BBS. ESPN the mag confirms... the Indianapolis Colts have the greatest franchise in the history of sports. Well, maybe they didn't go that...

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