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Know Your Colts History: The Answer in Indy

Everyone knows about the great battle between Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf over who would be the top pick in 1998 NFL Draft. But if one player hadn't gone pro in another sport, it could have been a three-way battle.

Know Your Colts History: Thank You, Marlin Jackson

A retrospective on AFC Championship hero Marln Jackson.

Know Your Colts History: Getting to Know Bill Polian's Latest Gem

Jacob Lacey's pick-six against the Rams last week introduced him to a national audience (ok, a Midwestern audience, but still) who didn't know about the undrafted free agent who is now playing key...

Know Your Colts History: Great Fanbases Make Great Teams

As I watched the game last week, I couldn't help but notice how many times the producers cut away to the crowd during the Colts' 34-17 win.  After almost every play with a positive impact, even if...

Know Your Colts History: Fear the Ç

This week, a Colts legend makes his return to a city where he became a legend and a fan favorite. That's right, Justin Forsett is back in Indianapolis.  I'm sure he'll receive a rousing ovation...

Know Your Colts History: The Dallas Clark Edition

Before we get into this week's screenshots, let me just hit one thing from last week: I don't hate Dallas Clark.  I never have, and I never will.  I think he's an incredibly goofy guy, but he's...

Know Your Colts History: Bustin' a Cap in the Cats

Back in the spring and summer of 2007, when I first started writing here, I did screen caps from the Colts' Super Bowl XLI DVD and inserted goofy captions.  It wasn't really writing per se, but...

Know Your Colts History: 3 Things to Watch for Every Week of the NFL Season

After long, agonizing months of talking about Bob Sanders' knee, Jim Caldwell's coaching abilities, and Tony Ugoh's manliness we'll finally have some Colts football to talk about this weekend....

Know Your Colts History: 1 Thought For Each of Peyton's 49 TD Passes in 2004

One day this video is going to be required viewing for my future children.  Right now, it's just the inspiration for this week's post.  What comes up after the jump should be pretty...

Know Your Colts History: Collie Fight

Note: Apologies for no KYCH last week, my laptop is currently on the PUP list with a strained motherboard.  Hopefully it can start the rehabilitation process quickly. -Jake Austin Collie's...

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