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Know Your Colts History: Don't tase me bro!


This week, one of the hot topics of discussion has been whether or not it was appropriate for Phillies' security to use a taser to stop a fan who had run out onto the field during a game.  Unlike...

Know Your Colts History: Sculpting Peyton


In sports, a statue is the ultimate sign of respect.  Certainly, the Hall of Fame is an exclusive group, but for most of that club, their busts in Canton are the only chiseled depictions they...

Know Your Colts History: Swagger is spelled H-A-R-B-A-U-G-H


I'm a sucker for YouTube videos, and I'm a sucker for anything involving Jim Harbaugh, so naturally, anytime these two passions of mine find a way to cross paths, you know there's going to be a...

Know Your Colts History: Who deserves this Super Bowl the most? The answer is clear as Mudd.


Offensive line coach Howard Mudd is coaching his final game on Sunday. Wouldn't it be nice to send him out with a ring?

Know Your Colts History: Rooting Guide for Wildcard Weekend


After a one-year hiatus, Colts fans have returned to their yearly ritual of sitting back and relaxing while their team has a bye week for the opening weekend of the playoffs.  For those of us who...

Know Your Colts History: The battle that was over before it began


I know there has been a lot of back-and-forth on the decision to bench the starters in last week's game against the Jets, as there should be.  Regardless of where you stand on the decision, I...

Know Your Colts History: Here Kitty Kitty...


I'm not going to lie.  There has been a dark, sick side of me that's been rooting for the Colts to lose the last few weeks.  I try to ignore it, but as the Colts get closer and closer to a perfect...

Know Your Colts History: Indy's Best Non-Peyton Passers of the Decade


Occasionally this decade, someone other than Peyton Manning has thrown the ball for the Colts. This article breaks down ranks those select few from worst to first.

Know Your Colts History: This is why Peyton is Tougher Than You Are


Peyton Manning has the stats to show his greatness as a quarterback. He has videos to show off his toughness.

Know Your Colts History: Things to be Thankful for Year-Round


Colts fans have many things to be thankful for this season.

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