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Lucas Oil Stadium named 2009 Sports Facility Of The Year


Lucas Oil Stadium named best sports facility for 2009.

Let this be a lesson to the NCAA: Don't hold the Final Four in friggin Detroit


Link from Deadspin: It seems Indy's mayor (Greg Ballard) was ROBBED as he exited Ford Field Saturday night. Next year, the Final Four will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Maybe we should rob Detroit's mayor next year, just to make things square.

BigBlueShoe quoted in New York Times


I guess this means our little blog has made the "big time." A NY Times writer (Stephanie Clifford) for their Business section contacted me looking for a fan's point of view on the article's substance (stadium sponsorship and advertising). It's an interesting read. Comment on the article here.

Injuries. Injuries! INJURIES! And Bill Polian... pissed


  We got some nice news yesterday afternoon: Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney are ready to play. Sadly, because it is kind of my job to relay all kinds of information to you (the...

Dwight Freeney and Bob Sanders will play against the Bills on Sunday


Some wonderfully welcome good news: Safety Bob Sanders and defensive end Dwight Freeney will make their first appearance of the preseason Sunday evening when the Indianapolis Colts meet the...

Bottom line on Peyton Manning's knee surgery and recovery


Peyton Manning is expected to start Week One.If he doesn't, someone better get fired! While people still try and drum up fear regarding the prospect of Peyton Manning not starting...

Peyton Manning with Colts teammates in new stadium


Peyton Manning attended his first practice with the Indianapolis Colts on Tuesday since he had knee surgery more than five weeks ago.

Peter King writes the most useless article in history on Peyton Manning's knee


SI's Peter King decided to dedicate the first page of his MMQB article to the possibility that Peyton Manning will not start opening day against the Bears. He cites WebMD.com medical analysis on...

Colts Training Camp 2008: Camp closing soon, thoughts on the whole thing


Camp is closing soon. Colts City has been taken down. Yesterday was the last day for camp fundamentals work, which is the core focus for all Colts camps. Today, they focus a bit more on...

Indy Star: No decision yet made on roof policy


If they're looking for unsolicited advice, here's mine: If there's no rain in the forecast, keep it open. Let's just put the "Can't win outside the dome" bit (as untrue as it is) to rest.

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