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Denver Broncos vs Chicago Bears Pregame


A sneak peak into week 14 match up with the Chicago Bears. We examine the NFL injury Phenomenon. Dumb luck or divine intervention? Bill Cosby also checks in with some Tim Tebow Jibba-Jabba.

Matt Forte Contract Update: Forte Says Franchise Tag 'A Cheap Way To Go'


Matt Forte wants a long-term commitment from the Bears and on Friday he expressed displeasure at the thought of the franchise tag.

Extrapolated Stats: Week 4


After four weeks to the season, Chicago Bears RB Matt Forte is on pace for 1,296 yards rushing and 1,240 yards receiving. A look at the individual and team statistics extrapolated out over a 16...

I Did that on my free time - PAY THE MAN!!


I Did that on my free time - PAY THE MAN!!

OSS: Matt Forte Desktop Wallpaper


Are you a fan of the Chicago Bears and Matt Forte? Do you own a computer? If the answer is yes to either or both of those questions, come by WCG and grab this desktop wallpaper in honor of the...


Bill Swerski’s Superfans Predict the ’09 Bears

Bill - Welcome one and all, to this undisclosed location, as cigar smoking in an indoor place of business in Illinois is no longer legal. Todd – And we like to smoke. Bill – Yes we like to smoke....

Falcons and Bears Recap: Today We Sup On Glory


4-2. Let that soak in for a minute. Say it, let it roll around pleasantly in your head like the marble you put in your ear when you were four years old. Exult in the Falcons this day. Today, we...

The Quotable Bears (Week One)


To start this installment of the Quotable Bears, I'd like to show what the Bears think about us: ''Preseason doesn't count!'' one player bellowed. ''What are they going to write about now?''...

NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - Matt Forte


When you first heard that the Bears drafted a running back with in the second round, your reaction was probably "Aaargh!" as it seemed another team had decided to move from a single running back to...

Forte Impresses at Rookie Camp


Tulane fans, myself included, should be happy to know Matt Forte is kicking butt with the Bear in camp. Did you think anything less?

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