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Marvin Harrison really dislikes the media


The way the "mainstream" media, and by extension the blogosphere, covered the shooting incident in Philadelphia that involved Marvin Harrison was disgraceful. We all know that. If it wasn't e...

Colts Links: 6/17/2008


So, with Colvin signing with Houston, we now have a fairly good idea what the Colts roster will likely look like heading into training camp. Oh, and why did Colvin sign with Hosuton? Was it the...

Archie Manning: The Father of the Modern NFL


Archie Manning, far right, shows his sons how to throw. Photo via i.cdn.turner.com First of all, happy belated Father’s Day to all you dads out there. I was away from my machine most of...

So, where is all of Marvin's dirty laundry?


Photo: Darron Cummings, AP Well, it's been two weeks since the shooting incident in Philly that involved Marvin Harrison's gun. Two weeks, and still not charges filed or...

Deadspin's Christmas Ape is a complete idiot


Although i disagree with writer Buzz Bissinger's onslaught against blogs, I will agree with him on one point: KSK and Deadspin contributor Christmas Ape is an idiot, and doesn't know WTF he is...

AOL Fanhouse baffled as to why Colts signed Rhodes, and more helpful links


AOL Fanhouse's Michael David Smith is confused as to way the Colts signed Dominic Rhodes, suggesting Kenton Keith is better because he rushed for 4.4 yards a carry in 2007 while Rhodes rushed...

Mike Florio makes up facts about Harrison incident, gets caught


PFT's Mike Florio is now presenting rumor as fact over at the Sporting News. His most recent article for the Sporting News, detailing the facts of the incident involving Marvin Harrison outside a...

Marvin Harrison is not a suspect, but Paolantonio, Florio and Smith are


Until we see the words Marvin Harrison Arrested the incident outside Harrison's North Philly bar is a non-story, and the people pushing the baseless rumors as if they were facts (Mike Florio,...

Marvin Harrison Shooting: Details conflict with 610 WIP Radio report from Friday


From 18 to 88 (emphasis mine): A Philadelphia Inquirer Daily News piece now has other discrepancies with the original report broken by a Philly radio reporter on Friday:On Friday it was reported...

Marvin Harrison Shooting: PFT is full of crap


Mike Florio of PFT loves to report rumors as facts. It's about as professional as a doctor performing surgery on a patient without anesthetic. With the the recent shooting investigation outside a...

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