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Stampede Blue Weekly Mailbag Introduction

I am excited to announce a new feature on Stampede Blue, a weekly mailbag! Send emails to stampedebluemailbag@gmail.com and send us your Colts questions! We will be sure to answer the questions in our new weekly addition to the site.

Stampede Blue Podcast/Hangout Name Ideas?

During the "dead" period of the off-season, the writers have a good idea to keep you occupied. A podcast/Google plus hangout! Express your ideas for a possible name for it in the comments section. This should be a fun for all of us on Stampede Blue!

Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft- Open Thread

Follow along in the comments section starting at 3 P.M. once the community mock draft officially commences. Good luck to everyone involved and hope everyone enjoys it.

Official reps for the 2013 Community Mock Draft

Who will be representing all 32 teams in our three-round community mock draft taking place Saturday?

Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft Sign Up!

Be apart of the community mock draft taking place soon here on Stampede Blue! Sign up to be a GM of a team in the comments section!


Fantasy After Party!!!

Hello everyone. I just realized that we weren't getting the fantasy recap articles each week that we got last year. Bummer. They were pretty sweet, here is an example if you don't remember. Now...

Talking points: fake names and blurred lines in media

A quick round up of the day's news for Tennessee Volunteer fans, including a discussion of blurred lines and using fake names in new media.


More help

The mock draft over at Stampede Blue is under way. Curry and Raji are off the board and the Cheifs are on the clock. I am still doing as much research as I can to do a good job drafting as the...

The Monday Morning Falcons News Roundup

You want a roundup? You can't handle a roundup! This AJC article is well worth it for the headline. I can't picture Ryan speedily devouring anything, frankly. Still, he's obviously a good student...

New Stampede Blue contributing writer: shake n bake

He's been contributing here at Stampede Blue for a while, offering great news and insight into the NFL and the Colts both in the comments of posts and in the fan posts. He also started his own blog...

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