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Patrick Willis of the 49'ers mentions his "welcome to the NFL" moment


His welcome to the NFL moment? Attempting to tackle then Arizona Cardinals runningback Edgerrin James, and almost blacking out in the process. The article its self is about the lost art of tackling which amazed some of the conclusions they came too. First they blamed the Tampa 2 scheme for possibly effecting the lost art, and they never mentioned the Colts highly disciplined well tackling squad. We all remembered for years the Colts struggling to do the basics, such as tackle well. Once Dungy came to town, that all changed quickly. I find it laughable that the Tampa 2 has contributed to the lost fundamental of tackling. While yes, it teaches to swarm to the ball, the Tampa 2, especially the way the Colts play relies on single open field tackles from guys like Kelvin Hayden and Clint Sessions. It is funny that they mention the post Dungy Tampa Bay team. Just another example of what a terrible coach Jon Gruden was.

Will new Colts defensive coordinator Larry Coyer change the Colts defense?


The Colts have a new defensive coordinator. What "tweaks" will he bring to Indy's Tampa-2? Stampede Blue discusses.

"Tweaking" the Tampa-2: What did Jim Caldwell mean?


What sorts of tweaks will the Caldwell Tampa-2 bring in 2009.

Tampa Bay no longer running Tampa-2: How does this affect the Colts?


With Tampa Bay junking their famed Tampa-2 defense, how will the Colts take advantage?

Tony Dungy: Defense displayed a "lack of hustle"


Go back and listen to Tony Dungy's press conference from Monday and you will hear some very troubling statements. Not troubling in the sense that OMG we are toast, but troubling in the sense that...

Preview Week Three: Jaguars at Colts


It is rare one gets a "must win" game in September, but that is the way it is looking for the Jacksonville Jaguars. It is a big game for the Colts as well. All division games are big. But, for the...

Great article on Colts new MLBer Buster Davis


Buster Davis doesn't care what you think about his "size."Photo (cropped): DetroitLions.com Even though I personally am 6'5 and weigh 200 pounds, I root for the little guy....

Colts blitzing more in 2008?


From PFW's The Way We Hear It: May 30, 2008 Tony Dungy’s Tampa-2 defense isn’t among the more complicated schemes in the NFL, but word out of Indianapolis is that Dungy is planning on...

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