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Stampede Blue Power Rankings: Week Six

Week Six Stampede Blue Power Rankings (remember, we use a system developed by the Stamp Blue Stat Masta: jdb):

  1. Chicago: Another week, another dominating performance. If there is one weakness with the Bears, it is their running game. They are only averaging 3.3 yards per rush. That is not good, and with the passing game they now have they should rush for more.

  2. San Diego: They slapped the Steelers around this past Sunday night, and Phillip Rivers is showing that he deserves to be included in the same company as Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning. The QB class of 2004 is looking 1984-esque.

    Jacksonville at #3?
    Are you smokin' CRACK!
    Yes, I miss this show (Photo:
  3. Jacksonville: WHAT? The friggin' Jags! How the hell can the 3-2 Jags be ranked higher than the Colts, who are 5-0 with one of those wins AGAINST the Jags? Are you guys smoking crack! Like KC last week, this is a flaw in the rankings. Jacksonville's 41-0 rape of the Jets shot them up to #3. I personally disagree with this ranking, but the system is the system. In the end though, it all balances out. By week 10, the Jags will not be listed this high.

  4. Philadelphia: The Eagles dominated Dallas' o-line Sunday. Donavan McNabb is playing out of his mind. I am very impressed with the Eagles receivers.

  5. New England: The beat another AFC Least team. Tom Brady and the passing game are really struggling, but the running game looks very good. Maroney and Addai are, so far, the best RBs of the 2006 draft.

  6. Cincinnati: They had a bye this week, and Kirkendall was really bored.

  7. Atlanta: They also had a bye week. If SB Nation had a Falcons blogger, he/she would have been bored this past week too.

  8. Indianapolis: Yo-hum. 5-0. Best in the AFC. Yawn, yawn, yawn. Peyton Manning putting up MVP numbers. Running game solid. Run defense can't tackle anyone. When you look bad, and yet still win, you drop in our rankings. Style is everything, baby!

  9. Baltimore: So much for Steve McNair being the difference. Yes, he has helped the team, but once again Brian Billick's inept offense can't score a TD on the road. If you can't score with Steve McNair as your QB, you suck as a coach. Baltimore's defense is back though.

  10. Denver: Who are we? Michael Irvin? Denver beats Baltimore and they are ranked BEHIND THEM? Denver looked very good on defense, and Jake Plummer made the plays he needed to at the end. He should have flipped off the fans that booed him earlier as he left the stadium. Honestly, booing Plummer is pretty silly, Denver fans. Boo the Denver coach that hasn't won anything since John Elway hung them up.
Who's not in the top ten, and why? For the love of God, WHY?

Pittsburgh: If they lose to Kansas City this Sunday, stick a fork in the world champs. Ben Roethlisberger is playing terrible now, and if he continues Cowher might need to think about benching him. Pittsburgh's lone win this year is with Charlie Batch at QB.

Kansas City: Last week, top of the world. This week, ranked #11. KC's defense looks very good though.

Dallas: Bill Parcells (who is doing a great job in Dallas, imho) is counting down the days to his retirement, where he can go someplace far, far away from the mind sucking idiocy of his boss: Jerry Jones. How's the Owens and Vanderjadt signings doing for ya, Jerry?