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Fact: Marvin Harrison is the Best WR in the NFL

When dorks and general media idiots sound off about the best WR in the NFL, they usually name players like Randy Moss and Terrell Owens. However, if you ask NFL wide receivers and NFL defensive backs who the best WR in football is, time and time again they say Marvin Harrison.

In a recent poll of 361 NFL players, Marvin Harrison came in third as the "Best WR in Football." Terrell Owens was first. However, a closer look at the data showed that the NFL receivers polled named Harrison the best receiver. This poll is similar to another one taken a year ago when NFL defensive backs were asked about who the best NFL receiver was. The consenus was Harrison. KC corner Patrick Surtain explains why Harrison is the best:

[Marvin] just goes out there and gets the job done each and every year. He's not looking for the attention some of the other receivers are looking for. That's how you garner respect around the league: by being a humble person and not trying to humiliate guys. There's competition out there, and guys are working their tails off. So when you score a touchdown give the ball back to the ref. On top of that he's a great player."

You'd think, with all this data showing Harrison as a clear favorite among people who actually know something about playing receiver, that the folks at ESPN would stop all this damn TO and Randy Moss nonsense and instead focus on the achievements of one of the greatest WRs ever to suit it up.

I guess if Marvin insulted his QB, badmouthed his coach, and tried to O.D. on painkillers he'd see more attention from the boys at Bristol.

Says a lot about the "Worldwide Leader," doesn't it?