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Open plea to Bill Polian: Trade for Warren Sapp

Warren Sapp would look better in a Colts uniform
I know Warren Sapp is not the player is once was. Since 2002, Sapp has been on a slow and steady decline. Tampa Bay opted not to re-sign him in 2004, and Sapp took the money the Oakland Raiders offered. He now plays on a bad Raiders team, and the defense they play is not suited for Sapp's abilities.

Sapp is not Corey Simon. He lacks Simon's speed and his ability to clog running lanes. However, with Simon gone, the Colts must fill a roster spot to replace Simon. Indy cannot hope to play in a Super bowl with only Darrell Reid, Montae Reagor, Raheem Brock, Dan Klecko, and Sweat Pea Burns available at DTs.

Sapp's addition would provide a veteran who knows the system and can immediately contribute. Can be play like the difference maker he once was? No. But, he can make a difference by providing solid play in a defensive scheme he knows very well. Also, the venue change might rejuvinate Sapp. Oakland is a pathetic franchise run by an incompetent owner whose glory days are long gone. If Sapp were reunited with Dungy, I think you'd see a bit of the old QB Killa we all remember from Tampa Bay.

Sapp is also well liked and well respected by all players in this league. He'd immediately get along with players like Cato June, Bob Sanders, and Dwight Freeney. Oakland is 0-5 and is looking to rebuild. Draft picks, and possibly Mike Doss, might get them to trade sapp and his contract.

In 2004, Sapp signed a seven year contract with Oakland for $36.6 million. The length of that contract (which is probably not guaranteed) and how the money is allocated annually might prevent any kind of trade. However, as a Colts fan, I think a trade for Sapp should get serious consideration.

So please Mr. Polian, if you are reading this, or if a member of your staff is reading this, consider bringing the QB Killa back to Papa Dungy. Sapp's addition might give us enough to get over the hump.