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Good Journalism

Ok, you've seen me lash out of late at ESPN and FoxSports, calling them morons and idiots for their lax coverage and inept analysis. I get all negative and upset with companies like these because rather than report what is actually happening, they peddle an agenda and tailor the sports news and analysis to fit that agenda.

Drives me nuts.

however, the other day, I saw an excellent article posted on Yahoo. Michael Marot of Associated Press wrote a very accurate article on the state of the Colts:

In a little more than a month the Colts have gone from trendy Super Bowl pick to this year's version of the luckiest and most unlikely unbeaten team in football.

Sure, it's tough to argue with 5-0, even one with all these warts and pimples.

Consider, though, the road the Colts have taken. They escaped Tennessee's improbable upset bid Sunday, had to rally twice in the final three minutes to beat the New York Jets, and have been besieged by a run defense so bad coach Tony Dungy challenged his players with the no-so-subtle phrase that makes defenders across America wince.

"We're a little bit soft right now," Dungy said of his run defense after reviewing another bad tape Monday.
Marot's article does an excellent job summing up the Colts problems and how, possibly, these problems might actually help the Colts should they play in January.
Yet it's also possible these strong challenges may be just what Indy needs to eliminate the postseason blues. The Colts have tried it the other way and failed.

In 2005, when their quest for perfection became the hottest story in the NFL, they won nine of their first 13 games by double digits. They were so good, yet so nicked, that Dungy benched the starters for the last two weeks. Still, everybody penciled them in for the Super Bowl.

Instead, they got derailed by Pittsburgh in the divisional playoffs.
This is the kind of stuff I expect from outlets like ESPN. Instead, I get resident clown Stu Scott screaming "Boo-yah" while stroking Reggie Bush's ego.