Rex Grossman is a better QB than Peyton Manning....

Of course he isn't.

But we have been having an argument about this years MVP (so far) and I wanted some opinions from other readers.

I post this not to cause trouble but only to talk about football.  So please add your comments and lets hash this out.

If you read on I have posted the last couple of postings from this for you to review.

you can read the entire thing here:

By your definition record doesn't matter.  5 - 0 or 4 -1.  If you are talking about who plays a more valuable role on a team record is totally relative.

Who would be more valuable, the guy who's team is 15 -1 but with out him would be 12 -4 or the guy who's team is 12 -4 and without him would be 2 -14?  See the difference?  So maybe with out Manning the Colts would be 0 - 5 but that's not how anyone judges MVP.  If you want to go all Jan Brady and have to examine exact words, fine, go right ahead and you can win your little argument in your little vacuum.  But if you want to take your argument into the real world where real world ideas are used and applied then NO Peyton Manning is not the MVP.

And again
We go back to the definition of most VALUABLE player. The Bears won 11 games and got a first round bye last year WITHOUT Grossman. His numbers are great, but the Bears can win without him.

Colts can't win without Manning.

Manning is the MVP, no question. I can see some talk of McNabb, but his team is 4-1 while Manning's is 5-0.

Manning = MVP thus far.

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by BigBlueShoe on Thu Oct 12, 2006 at 11:04:50 AM EST
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Is Rex Grossman?  Perhaps and I'll tell you why.  Last year the Bears were winning IN SPITE of their offense.  Their offense would do just enough to no lose.  If the Bears were behind late, they were in trouble.  The defense had to literally win games for them.  Nathan Vasher's TD turned the Niner's game around.  The Bears were going to lose to the freaking NINERS AT HOME until that play.  Then against Detroit, Charles Tillman ran one back off a Garcia pick in OT to win the game.  This year its different.  Rex has catapulted this team to the best in the NFL.  This year's Bears team in now head and shoulders above the rest of the NFL (NFC if you don't want your ego bruised).  Thats the difference and the difference is clear.  Rex has mad this team the forgone conclusion to the question of who will represent the NFC in the Superbowl.  Peyton has yet to show this year if the Colts can do the same for the AFC.

by Chad on Thu Oct 12, 2006 at 12:54:19 PM EST
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