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Philly Daily News: Corey Simon not sick

Adding more fuel to the fire, the Philadelphia Daily News is citing an un-named source claiming the reason Corey Simon is not playing has nothing to do with an illness:

The Colts' decision to put defensive tackle Corey Simon on the non-football illness-injury list last week had nothing to do with a mystery illness and everything to do with the club's belief that he didn't want to play football, according to a source close to the situation.
That's a pretty bold claim by Mr. Un-Named Source, especially considering that the Colts cited specifically that illness was the reason for Simon's season ending. Here's Polian's statement last week regarding Simon:
"In deference to Corey's privacy and in compliance with federal medical privacy laws, we may not discuss the particulars of Corey's condition other than say it is an illness [and] not an injury and is unrelated to the knee surgery he had in August. It is not football-related. Fortunately, we are told it is not life-threatening. But it has severely limited Corey's ability to condition, practice or play and has been debilitating for him."
So, it seems that Mr. Un-Named Source is calling Bill Polian and the Colts liars. Again, a bold claim. For such a bold claim, you'd think that Mr. Un-Named Source would actually come out and say who he is, and add some credibility to the claim. I guess we'll all see if he is right or not at the end of the year.

Mr. Un-Named Source also claims the Colts will cut Simon when the season ends.