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SB Nation: Week 6

For us Colts fans, it's a bye week. Geez, am I bored! Fortunately, this is one of those rare Sundays when I can just pick a game to watch, regardless of anything, and sit back and enjoy it. Bye week Sunday is also a week when I get to focus on my fantasy teams. Right now I'm 4-1, and looking good. This week, I face off against Mr. Fantasy Himself: Eric Hinz of (SB Nation's fantasy sports site).

I really, really, REALLY want to kick Hinz's ass.

There aren't too many cross-blogging games today, but those games that are look pretty good:

  • Kansas City (Arrowhead Pride) at Pittsburgh (Behind The Steel Curtain).

    This is it folks. The entire season for the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers rests on this one game. They absolutely must win against KC, or they are D.O.N.E. Put a fork in Steel Town if KC walks into Heinz Field and leaves with a W. Ben Roethlisberger must play well for Pittsburgh to have a chance. He has been dreadful all season long, and hasn't played well in a football game since the AFC Championship. Pittsburgh's lone win this season was with Charlie Batch starting at QB. KC's defense has risen from the dead, and Damon Huard has played great at QB for the injured Trent Green. Chris at Arrowhead Pride and Blitzburgh at Behind the Steel Curtain get to cross-blog this gem of a game. This looks like a really good game.

  • Tennessee (Music City Miracles) at Washington (Hogs Haven).

    This game kicks off a two week stretch where the Redskins will face two AFC South teams. This week they get the Titans. Next week, they get the Colts. Tennesee is coming off its "moral victory" from last week, playing toe-to-toe with the Colts all the way until the end, when Indy won the game. Vince Young goes up against a very good Redskins defense. Washington needs this game after their big THUD last week to the NY Giants. Jimmy at Music City Miracles and Skin Patrol at Hogs Haven are cross-blogging this game.

  • Seattle (Field Gulls) at St. Louis (Turf Show Times)

    Hi. I'm a jerk. Nice to meet you. If you are wondering where the new St. Louis Rams site is from, I must confess that it was brought into the fold a few weeks ago. But, because of all the Corey Simon news, I just plain forgot to introduce VanRam and his site dedicated to the St. Louis Rams: Turf Show Times.

    Turf Show Times

    Welcome to the Nation, VanRam. I'm sorry I'm such a jerk. VanRam's boys host the Seahawks in a surprising NFC West showdown between two 4-1 teams. No one expected the Rams to look this good after 5 weeks. Here's an amazing stat that tells you all you need to know about why the Rams are 4-1: they are plus 12 in the giveaway/takeaway ratio.

    PLUS 12!

    Um, that's... that's nuts. Rams QB Marc Bulger has yet to throw a pick. WE'RE 5 WEEKS INTO THE SEASON! So much for the "genius" of Mike Martz. The Rams offense looks better under Scott Linehan than it ever did under Martz. Meanwhile, Seattle is coming off a very important bye week. They were hammered by the Bears two weeks ago. They still do not have MVP Shaun Alexander. Matt Hasselbeck must play better if the 'Hawks are to have a chance.

    VanRam at Turf Show Times and Shrug at Field Gulls get to cross-blog this showdown.

Well, there you have it. Don't forget to check out the other sites for blogging on the other games slated for Week 6. I'm going to keep track of Kevin Jones, who I started today over Laurence Maroney (who is on a bye week).

Enjoy Week 6 all!