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Give us BOOGER!

Yes folks. Booger is available, according to Jay Glazer of FoxSports.


No, not that booger. This one:

Booger McFarland

It's rumored that because of Tampa Bay's 1-5 start that they will have a "fire sale" and dump several high profile players in order to get draft picks to build for next year. One of the players listed is Bucs DT Anthony "Booger" McFarland. McFarland is one of the best DTs in football, and an oustanding one-gap DT.

Tony Dungy and Rich McKay drafted McFarland when they were in Tampa Bay back in 2000. McFarland blossomed into an elite but under-rated DT in Tampa Bay. He's 6', 300 pounds, and cat-like quick for someone his size.

I am highly suspicious of these rumors. Remember, Glazer is the one saying Bill Polian attacked a Jets officail three weeks ago, and I have yet to see anyone else pick up this story. So, Glazer might be blowing smoke. However, if he's not THE COLTS SHOULD MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH TO GET BOOGER!

The trading deadline is tomorrow.