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Comments on MNF: Chicago and Arizona

First off, I feel terrible for Matt Leinart. Classic example of a QB doing everything to help his team win, and his team lets him down. As Colts fans, we've seen this time and again.

Second, all talk of "Rex Grossman for MVP" is officially over. Grossman threw 4 INTs and lost 2 fumbles against the friggin' Cardinals, yet his team still won. This all but proves my point: the Bears won 11 games last year without Grossman. Tonight, Grossman was so bad he made Ryan Lief cry, and the Bears won anyway. Therefore, Grossman is no MVP.

Like I said before, Peyton Manning is far and away the MVP for the first quarter of this NFL season. All other talk is silly and uninformed.

Finally, the Colts were, essentially, made fun of by just about everyone for nearly losing to the Titans a few weeks ago. Chicago nearly lost (and should have lost) this game to Arizona. Will they get the same treatment? Doubtful. The ESPN pundit media is too stupid and too hypocritical to apply logic and reason to any of their moronic comments. Great win for Chicago's defense and special teams. However, the Bears have questions regarding their QB and their running game. The Cardinals? Terrible. Edgerrin James played awful, and this game will cost Dennis Green his job.