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Colts might have a Booger

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Colts sign Booger

Rumors from Tampa Bay are that the Bucs traded Booger McFarland to the Colts, and Mike Doss was involved.

NFL Network supposedly confirmed it. Colts traded a second round pick for McFarland.

BIG news if this is true. If someone saw this on NFL Network, please confirm.

Update [2006-10-17 17:24:18 by BigBlueShoe]:Mike Florio at PFT has just confirmed it, as has Pewter Report, a Bucs blog. This is absolutely HUGE news. Polian did indeed do something to fix this run defense. Hats off to Bill once again.

Update [2006-10-17 17:26:9 by BigBlueShoe]:And now confirms it. Amazing. Trades like this NEVER happen folks. Outstanding move by Polian and company.