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This is, quite simply, one of the best athlete profile articles I have ever read. Washington Post artier Sally Jenkins does an outstanding piece on the best wide receiver in football: Marvin Harrison.

Here is my favorite bits from the article:

He [Harrison] insists on reporting to the Colts' Monday workouts. The practices are aimed primarily at those players who didn't get in the game, to give them some work. Nevertheless, Harrison is there, catching balls from the second- and third-team quarterbacks. If he doesn't run a route right, or drops a certain pass, he'll work on it obsessively, catching it 45 or 50 times in practice, making the ballboys throw to him until he is satisfied.

"They don't pay me to play, they pay me to practice," he says. "Playing, that's what you do for free. That's what you do for fun."

Harrison quote is what separates him from the punk, over-hyped morons that get more credit than him, but are obviously inferior football players when compared to him.