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More football blogs!

Folks, I am very, very excited about two new football sites added to the SB Nation family.

The first is The Falcoholic, a blog dedicated to those binge drinking Falcons fans down in Hotlanta. I now must watch myself a bit when I bash Michael Vick. Dave the Falconer is blogging over there. Please stop by and welcome him. As a side note: FINALLY, the NFC South is represented at SB Nation!

The next blog is a wonderful, wonderful idea sprung out of an interesting article in the Washington Times. Please welcome The Football Monologues. What is The Football Monologues? Well, futbolgoddess explains it best:

The goal of The Monologues is to educate, unite, and entertain women across America. Football has become the favorite sport of women to watch on TV and I am here to welcome this new wave of football fans with open arms.

A blog like this is a great idea that is long overdue. Please welcome futbolgoddess and the lovely ladies of The Football Monolgues.

Small side not (and a brief peak inside my personal life): my girlfriend hates football. Despises it. Makes fun of it whenever she can. On Sunday, I sit on the couch, after I do all my chores, and I watch. She walks in, looks at the TV, and says, "God, this is boring. Has hockey started yet?"

Yes, she thinks hockey is more exciting than football. I know, it's crazy. She's from Michigan. It's what they do up there. All that ice. All that cold. It must numb their brains or something. That's the only reason I can think to have someone actually tell me with a straight face that hockey is more exciting than football.

Craziness I tell you. Craziness. Oh, and this blog entry will get me in trouble. Something tells me I will get to enjoy the firm comfort of the couch tonight. Oh well.