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Recap Week Seven: Colts 36-Redskins 22

The Colts have a defense.


After seven weeks of football, the Colts defense finally bothered to show up.

The Colts 36-22 win over Washington was more of a blowout than the score indicates. The defense surrendered a first quarter TD. After that, they dominated. Though the score shows 22 points for the Skins, 7 were on a punt return for a TD. The other 8 came late in the fourth quarter during garbage time. Clinton Portis was held to 3.5 yards a rush. The Colts stuffed him all game long. How were they able to improve so dramatically?

Two words: Booger McFarland.

McFarland's first two plays were two tackles for a loss. He started in place of Montae Reagor, who was injured in a car accident while driving to the game today. McFarland's presence was felt throughout the game. He did an outstanding job hitting gaps and clogging running lanes. The Colts also tackled better, especially Cato June. He was all over the field. Here are some more points:

  • Getting the early lead did nothing to slow Washington down. They lead 14-13 at halftime after the Colts jumped out to a 7-0 lead. Bad special teams tackling by the Colts, and poor judgment, allowed Antwaan Randle El (former IU player) to score on a punt return. However, in the second half, scoring TDs on the first three possessions ended any hopes of a Redskins upset. It may of ended Washington's season as well.
  • Adam Vinatieri has yet to miss a field goal. He is 9-9.
  • Mark Brunell had only 162 yards passing by the time the game was essentially over. The Colts pass defense was excellent all around. However, once again officiating was a factor. Chris Samuels blatantly held Dwight Freeney all game long. It was so obvious it was silly. Samuels got routinely killed every time he lined up against Freeney. It wasn't until the game was 36-14 that the refs finally started flagging Samuels. Disgusting.

I'd like to thank The Curly R along with SkinPatrol and TexSkins at Hogs Haven for blogging the game with me today. The only negative side to the Colts winning is seeing good people like these guys suffer as their team loses. Redskins fans are great fans.

The Colts are 6-0 for the third time in 4 years. The Bears and the Colts are the lone unbeaten teams. Mark Brunell has still never won against the Colts. I'm interested in seeing jdb's rankings this week. 6-0 feels good.

Knowing the Colts have a defense feels even better.