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Michael Vick is a punk!

Apparently in an interview with Cris Carter, Michael Vick said, "You've got to throw the ball sometimes. You can't just line up and run the ball every time on first and second down. Teams key in on that and they have coaches, too. We're going to have to throw it more ... Coach (Jim Mora) is going have to trust in me to get it done and I'm up to the challenge to get it done."

You know I can actually understand the logic of this, but there are just two problems:

A. Why did Vick take this to the media? Settle this stuff in house and stop being a cry baby.

B. Michael Vick after all these years still cannot throw the football with any degree of accuracy and if I were Coach Mora I wouldn't trust Vick either in fact I would sit him down and start his back up Matt Shaub.

That's right Matt Shaub is a better QB than Michael Vick and everyone in Atlanta knows it. The only reason Vick starts is because he sells tickets and provides Atlanta with media attention. I just remember a few years ago when the idiot football pundits were talking about how Vick was going to "reinvent the quarterback position." That turned out to complete bull. Vick will never truly understand this game which is why Matt Shaub should get the job in Atlanta.