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SB Nation: Week 7

Wow. It's already Week 7. Seems like yesterday it was early August and we were discussing Training Camp. Prior to yesterday's new blog announcements, SB Nation only had two cross-blogging games: Washington v. Indy and Minnesota v. Seattle. However, with the addition of The Falcoholic, we now have Pittsburgh v. Atlanta. All three of these games look good. I've already previewed Washington v. Indy. Here are the others:
  • Minnesota (Daily Norseman) at Seattle (Field Gulls).

    Gonzo is going to go GONZO this week if the Minnesota offense doesn't score some TDs, and against Seattle they'll need to. Shrug barely made it through last week's amazing win over the Rams with his sanity. This week, he gets the "Poison Pill Game," or as I like to call it: The Chill Pill Game. Minnesota and Seattle do not play in the same division. They have never met in the playoffs, to my knowledge. Yet, these teams have developed a bitter dislike for each other based on the "poison pill" contract negotiations this past offseason involving former-Seahawk (now current Viking) guard Steve Hutchinson. After Hutichinson left for Minnesota, the Vikings turned around and signed Seattle free agent WR Nate Burleson. Now, in this game, we fans will get to see how all those FA signings pan out. Regarding their new rivalry, my advice to their fans is to just chillllllllllllllllll folks. Their are plenty of good reasons for hating a team. Getting mad at them for a free agent signing is not one of them. Both these teams are very good. Seattle is still without last year's MVP: Shaun Alexander. The Vikes are ballin' on defense, and Brad Johnson leads a limited but mistake-free offense. This looks like a great game. Gonzo at Daily Norseman and Shrug at Field Gulls are cross-blogging this beauty.

  • Pittsburgh (Behind The Steel Curtain) v. Atlanta (The Falcoholic).

    Blitzburgh's boys won a convincing game at home last week over the Chiefs. That was a big win, because a loss would have ended Pittsburgh's season. Now, the Steelers must travel down to Hotlanta and play a disfunctional Falcons team, which is coming off a demoralizing loss to the Giants. Falcons QB Michael Vick made some odd comments on HBO's "Inside the NFL" this week, basically saying his receivers and his coach are to blame for the Falcon's passing attack looking so inept. The Falcons need this game if they are to keep pace with New Orleans. For Pittsburgh, a win down in Atlanta puts them back in the AFC hunt.

    Blitzburgh at Behind The Steel Curtain and Dave the Falconer at The Falcoholic are blogging this one together.

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