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Stampede Blue Power Rankings: Week Five

It's week five, and the stats master, jdb, has his weekly rankings available using his own custom stat tracking and evaluation system. This week, jdb's system has produced a bit of a "flaw." His rankings have the 1-2 Kansas City Chiefs in the top ten. I'm sure Chris over at Arrowhead Pride is happy about this. I'll let jdb explain:

The Kansas City ranking highlights a flaw in the system this early in the season. They absolutely dominated the 49ers, driving up both their offensive and defensive points per yard rankings. This led to a huge jump in their power rank. In theory this will be averaged out over the season. For next year I want to research a way to put strength of schedule into the final power rankings.

I base my weekly top 10 off jdb's stats. However, I'm not so sure KC in the top ten is a "flaw." Rankings have a way of evening out at the end of the year. Right now, in week 5, I'm not against KC in the top 10. In fact, I'm the kind of crazy nutball that will actually back up KC's top ten ranking in my ranking breakdowns:
  1. Chicago: No-brainer. They dominated a very good Seattle team at Soldier Field. Rex Grossman has really stepped up and become the QB Chicago hoped he was. That win in Minnesota a few weeks ago changed this team.
  2. San Diego: They lost a close game on the road to Baltimore. However, SD did show that (when allowed) QB Phillip Rivers can make plays. SD's offense is very under-rated. They have only committed one turnover in four games. That is, quite simply, amazing.
  3. Baltimore: Their offense is putrid, but Steve McNair is managing the game well. He has helped generate two game winning drives late in two wins this season. McNair looks healthy. Baltimore's defense is also healthy and playing well. They need a running game if they want to contend this year.
  4. Dallas: I'm sure Terry over at BTB is loving this-- we ranked the Cowboys ahead of the Colts. The Boys have improved since their opening day loss in Jacksonville. The defense is getting after people, and Bledsoe has found his favorite target. No, it's not T.O. It's Terry Glenn.
  5. Indianapolis: They are missing 5 starters on defense, plus Adam Vinatieri. Yet, they win improbable games they have no business winning. Peyton Manning is playing the best football of his life right now. That's scary considering he's already got two league MVPs under his belt. The defense must get healthy if Indy is to contend.
  6. Cincinnati: The Patriots came into their building and creamed the Bengals last week. Good! It should serve as a wake up call. The Pittsburgh win inflated Cincy's ego. Chad Johnson needs to STFU and actually DO SOMETHING on the football field this year. The Benglas are too good to lose like that to a team like New England.
  7. Atlanta: After getting hosed on MNF in New Orleans, the Falcons came right back the next week and smoked the Cardinals. The Falcons are averaging 6.1 yard per rushing attempt.
  8. Philadelphia: They have benefited tremendously from a very easy schedule to start the season: Houston, NY, SF, and Green Bay. Those teams are a combined 3-12. The Eagles should be 4-0. That choke job to the Giants in week 2 might cost them further on down the line. That said, it is nice to see Donavan McNabb healthy again.
  9. Kansas City: Ah yes, the CRAZY-ARE-YOU-FLIPPIN'-NUTS pick. As explained, KC is here because of a flaw. Actually, I'm not so sure. Week-to-week rankings have a way of evening out at the end of the year. Right now, I'm not totally against KC in the top 10. Since their week one loss to the Bengals, KC has played very good football, especially on defense. They should have won against Denver in week 2 (bad officiating ended that game-- a theme this year thus far). Consider also that KC is playing without Trent Green. The Chiefs are developing a strong defense and, if Green is back 100%, their offense can score.
  10. New England: Welcome back to the top 10, New England! We missed you. Actually, I'm lying. We didn't. But, you did earn the spot after finally showing up this season and beating someone worth noting. Laurence Maroney and Corey Dillon are running the ball very well. This is important, because the NE passing attack (214 yards per game, completing only 54% of their passes) is not striking fear into anyone. I still question their defense, but they did a good job last week holding the Bengals out of the end zone.
Noted notables not noted in the noted Stampede Blue top ten:

Pittsburgh: Will someone tell the defending Super Bowl champions that the season has started already?

Jacksonville: Their offense finally did something last week against the Redskins. They still lost though.

Seattle: This is not a Super Bowl team without Shaun Alexander. Matt Hasselbeck looked lost against the Bears, and the improved Seattle defense was carved up by Rex Grossman. The bye week could not have come at a better time for the Hawks.

Once again, thanks to jdb for working the stats.