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The Colts have no intention of paying Simon

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Well, this certainly answers the question of whether Simon gets paid this year. This is from the owner himself:

[Colts owner] Jim Irsay was unable to shed any light today on the "mystery" illness that will force veteran defensive tackle Corey Simon to miss the remainder of the Indianapolis Colts season, but the team owner cleared up this much: He will not pay the balance of Simon's 2006 base salary, which amounts to nearly $2 million.

It also seems that Simon and his agent called Bill Polian sometime this week and asked him to hold off on putting Corey on the NFL's non-football/injury list. Polian opted to make the move because Simon's continued absense was preventing Indy from filling roster spots needed because of injuries to other players.

ESPN Chris Mortenson reported earlier today that Simon is suffering from polyarthritis. From Wikipedia:

Polyarthritis is any type of arthritis which involves five or more joints - an inflammation of two, three or four joints is an oligoarthritis.
This certainly fits Polian's description as a non-football-related injury. This, combined with Simon's inactivity, prompted Simon getting put on the non-football/injury list, ending his season.

Because this is non-football related, the Colts are not going to pay Simon the remainder of his 2006 salary. Now, before people, like friggin' Mike Florio, start writing about how the Colts are "screwing" Simon, Corey has received $13 million dollars in signing bonus money from the Colts since last year. Since Corey Simon has only played 13 games for the Colts, that's a million bucks a game.

The other fact to consider here is this is NOBODY'S FAULT. It's not Corey's fault he got a disease that requires rest to heal. It's not Polian's fault for signing Corey last year. This is a freak thing that has occurred, and that IS treatable. Simon is still signed for next year, and he is expected back next year. He's 29, and in the prime of his football life.

We also don't even know if polyarthritis is what Simon has. Just because Chris Mortenson says it doesn't make it so. Mortenson is the same guy that reported the Colts were moving to Los Angeles three years ago. 'Nuff said regarding Mort.

What remains to be seen now is:

  • How will the Colts respond to Simon's loss?

  • Will Polian make a move to get another DT?