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This I don't get

For the third week in a row now the Colts have come out flat defensively in the first half and then made the correct adjustments to play sound second half football. I am highly critical of the fact that the Colts D-line is playing so aggresively against the pass. This is allowing teams to run the draw play all over us. The defensive needs to read and react to the play instead of always playing pass first.

Also, let me just say that Gilbert Gardner really sucks! I can't tell you how many stiff arms this guy has swallowed this year from defenders he has tried to tackle. The only solace I can take out of Gardner sucking is that he went to Purdue and that makes me feel good because I am an IU grad (go Randel El). I also like to point out the fact that Travis Henry was not even active for the Titans last week. Man talk about salt to the wound!