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Why I can't watch ESPN anymore

This is SportsCenter
It's now just gotten ridiculous. We all know how silly ESPN has gotten. One look at Stewart Scott and you know ESPN is more interested in clowns dressed in goofy costumes than professional broadcasters who know what they are doing. Even the once good Chris Berman and Tom Jackson post-game highlight show has gotten stupid.

If you watched SportsCenter's The Blitz last night, you saw the commentators say that Tennessee QB Vince Young "looked good" playing against the Colts. Berman, Jackson, and the rest of the ESPN zombies gushed over Young's play, talking about how he "almost beat Peyton Manning."

Folks, Vince Young stunk yesterday, completely and utterly. He looked bad, bad, BAD! The rookie completed 10-21 for 63 yards and an INT. For the season, Young has completed 45.9% of his passes for 351 yards for 2 TDs and 4 INTs. He is averaging 4.7 yards a throw. I know he ran for a TD yesterday. So what? QBs are not paid to run. They are paid to throw from the pocket. When they can't do that, they are useless. I don't care how fast they are. If you cannot throw from the pocket, you stink as a QB. Vince Young's QB rating for the season is 46.6!

This is playing "well" according to the experts at ESPN?

I hate to repeat myself, but this is why ESPN (and the corporate media types like it) SUCKS! Vince Young has clearly not played well, even for a rookie. I know he has growing pains. I know he's learning, and that's fine. Maybe he will develop into a good player, but right now he stinks. Painting his performance as anything other than struggling is simply not reporting the facts.

ESPN has a clear agenda. They are building up players like Young, painting their performances to seem like they are good. That way, when they finally do something on the field, ESPN will take credit and say "See, we said it first. Vince is our guy!" This is the difference between ESPN actually reporting what is there and ESPN making something look all nice and rosey when really it stinks like poo.

ESPN actually seemed UPSET the Colts won. They sooooooooooooooo wanted the "Vince beats Manning" story. When they didn't get it, they talk about how Vince has "progressed" in two games. I guess completely barely above 50% of your passes for 218 yards, 1 TD, 3 INTs, 2 fumbles, and an overall QB rating of 46 is progress in the eyes of ESPN. Meanwhile, the guy Tennessee should have drafted, Matt Leinart, had a good game in his first start against Kansas City. For the year, Leinart is completing 68% of his passes for 307 yards for 2 TDs, 2 INTs, 1 fumble, and a QB rating of 80. That, my friends, is progress.

Here's an interesting observation: ESPN bashed the crap out of Houston for taking DE Mario Williams first overall this year over Jesus in Cleats Reggie Bush. ESPN said Houston would win more right now because Bush is special and NFL-ready. However, when the Tennessee Titans passed up Matt Leinart with the third overall pick and took a clear project in Texas QB Vince Young, nary a word was said. Now that Leinart is clearly outplaying Young (and will most likely continue to outplay him), you don't see ESPN applying the same "logic" to Tennessee that they seem to bash Houston over the head with. Curious, isn't it?

And that's why they suck.