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Bill Polian beating up a Jets employee

Jay Glazer at FoxSports is reporting that Colts GM Bill Polian attacked a New York Jets official prior to the Week 4 game against Indy. It is unclear whether Polian was provoked or not.

Since Polian has never done anything like this, and since Glazer is the only one reporting it a good week after the game was played, I'm a little skeptical here. If Polian did do this, and was unprovoked, I would think the league would have fined him or the Jets official by now.

It all seems a bit fishy, and if FoxSports is anything like FoxNews... well, I won't go there. Polian has never attacked anyone physically. He gets made and yells at people (like the idiotic Jay Mohr back in 2001), but I've never known him to attack anyone.