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Week Ten Preview: Bills at Colts

Week Ten: Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts
Location: Indianapolis, IN  RCA Dome
Kick-off time: 1:00 pm EST
Broadcast: CBS

After winning big games against tough opponents on the road, the Colts return home for what many will try and label a "trap game." As I've stated before, I don't believe in "trap games." A team should prepare with the same focus and energy consistently each and every week. It doesn't matter if the opponent is 6-1 or 1-6. If the team doesn't prepare well and takes a supposedly "weak" opponent lightly, they deserve to lose. I don't think the Colts approach things that way, which is why they very rarely fall into "trap games."

Buffalo (3-5) is a young team with a new coach trying to find itself. J.P. Losman is their QB, and like the rest of his team he's been hot and cold all year. Here are the keys:

  • Colts Defense. Bills RB Willis McGahee is out this week. J.P. Losman is a recklace QB that often makes bad decisions with the football. I want to see the Colts defense get "healthy," and completely dominate this Bills team. The Indy run defense is giving up 5.3 yards a rush. Against the team like Buffalo, minus their best back, I want the Colts to crush their running game. Bob Sanders is expected to play, though MLB Gary Brackett might not play. I still want to see this Colts defense utterly obliterate the Bills. If I don't, then there really is something wrong with this defense, and both Dungy and Meeks must be held accountable.
  • Kicking game. Adam Vinatieri had a rough night in New England, and who can blame him. Still, that first FG he missed was a gimme, and I don't want that to become a trend. Adam needs to get back on track kicking FGs. His kickoffs have been excellent, and should help the Colts defense work with great field position, but Adam needs to get back in his groove.
  • Joseph Addai. Buffalo is ranked 19th against the run. The last two teams Indy has played, Denver and New England, have both ranked in the top ten against the run. Addai needs to get turned lose against this Bills defense, and take the pressure off Manning. Peyton Manning has been brilliant in two very tough road games. Now, the rest of the team needs to pick it up. Tom Moore needs to run Addai at Buffalo early and often.

It seems, after the two improbable road wins, the media are starting to jump on the bandwagon. Whatever. Remember folks, no one expects the Colts to go far in the playoffs. Right now, Indy's the flavor of the month. It means nothing. All the Colts need focus on is beating Buffalo, and that's no easy task.