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Cowboys fans, my bet with Terry, and an ode to BTB

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As you can see from the comments in several posts, Cowboys fans have started to flock here. Ah, Cowboys fans! You can't help but love them. They are a prideful bunch. Arrogant and pigheaded and totally removed from reality as well, but hey most fans are like that.

Cowboys fans love to remind everyone that their franchise has won 5 Super Bowls. It's a wonderful accomplishment. Hey, speaking of ancient history, I also heard that the Egyptians built some pyramids in Giza a few thousand years ago. More ancient history, the Cowboys haven't won a playoff game since the Super Bowl in 1995. Since then, the Boys have made the playoffs only three times, and lost all three... badly.

I remind everyone to remain civil, and enjoy some friendly bantering, especially is Terry is the agitator. Also, just to let everyone know: Terry and I have a bet on this Sunday's game. We bet each other, long before training camp started, that if our respective teams won, we had to post a diary here and on BTB claiming the other was the greatest, smartest, and coolest fan on the planet. If he wins, I have to write about how wonderful and amazing he is, and how Peyton Manning is a goat-faced choker. If I win, he writes about how smart I am, and how Jerry Jones couldn't run a 7-11, let alone a modern NFL franchise.

It's a friendly bet.

I encourage everyone to check out Blogging the Boys. Grizz, the head writer there, is the Blog Father for everyone in the SB Nation pro football community. He and WCG were two of the first to start blogging for SB Nation's football blogs, and they've built up great blogging communities. Guys like me kind of owe them. They are the best.