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Trolling vs. Trash Talking

I'm posting this to remind everyone there is a fine line between friendly trash talk and trolling. If you keep harping on the same point in each and every comment, and your sole purpose is to insight negative feedback, that is trolling. Such comments will be deleted and, if it persists, I start banning users. If it gets really bad, I ban IPs.

It's that simple.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but trolling is simply not tolerated here. If you want to come and talk about how the Colts can't win this and how that cant do that, it's fine. Present the argument and back it up with facts. If you just continuously say, the Colts suck and it's obvious and you are an idiot for not seeing it," THAT is trolling, and such comments get removed.

Dissent and disagreement are one thing. Trolling is another. Please note the difference. Thank you.