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The status of Stampede Blue

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I thought I'd give a little heads up on the status of Stampede Blue as we fans head into our yearly contest with the New England Patriots. SB Nation started this blog back in March, and I was lucky enough to get hired as the head writer. Slowly, but surely, people started finding Stampede Blue, and we've built up a nice little Colts community here. Recently, within the last two months, readership for this blog has trippled. In March, I was getting 40 hits a day.

Now, we get 500.

The other day, Stampede Blue went over the 50,000 pages viewed threshold. When you Google the key words "Colts blog," Stampede Blue is at the top. We've been helped by the folks at Pro Football Talk, CNNSI, and AOL Sports because they have either liked to us or had me on one of their radio programs.

So, in short, we have grown a great deal and will continue to grow. As always, all fans who support all teams are welcome and encouraged to post. River City Rage, who is now the head writer at Big Cat Country, used to be the resident Jaguars fan here on Stampede Blue. So, when some Patriots fans come over here and start posting, treat them with respect. Yes, we hate the Patriots and think their team is scum, but fans who support other teams are often just as homer and crazy as we are.

I'd also like to thank posters like jdb and PaytonMenning, who have used the diaries as a way to add more content on the site. PaytonMenning has posted news updates in the diaries, and jdb uses them to post his weekly NFL rankings using a system he invented. If anyone has additional ideas for new content you'd like to see here, let me know. You can either email me or use the comments in this section to post suggestions.

This site is growing and will continue to grow. Hopefully, as we develop, we'll carve out our own little nitch on the web and counter a lot of the silly Colts writing we often read.

Go Colts!